The Golden Compass – Official Response

Hey everyone, if you have been paying attention to anything that goes on in the “Christian Culture” then you have surely heard about the book and movie The Golden Compass. Apparently this book is similar to the Narnia books, except it was written by an Atheist… one of those “God is Dead” types. I haven’t[Continue Reading...]

Welcome to the Family…

I found this in a church bulletin: Request from the Deacons In reverence to God and respect for others, please do not get up during the sermon (unless there is an emergency). Parents – please take your children to the restroom before the worship time or, if needed, during the offertory. Also, please turn off[Continue Reading...]

Convictions – Part 2 of 2

Introduction: Yesterday I discussed the things we know about convictions from scripture. Jesus is the cause of some of our conviction. There is a legal aspect to our conviction. There is also a faith aspect to our convictions. Today we are going to move away from scripture for a moment and talk about the convictions[Continue Reading...]

Convictions – Part 1 of 2

Introduction: Over the past week or so I have been involved in a conversation related to Halloween. One of the participants said this, “There are various reasons for not participating, as stated, and we all need to choose, with our spouses, to follow those convictions that GOD has placed in us. I cannot generate a[Continue Reading...]

Question of the Week – #13

Why don’t we allow dancing in our buildings when we are encouraged to dance in scripture?

The Pastor’s Wife’s Husband

This post is not really about the pastor… nor is it really about the pastor’s wife. It’s about what we as Christian men expect from our wives… which I personally think we often feel the pastor’s wife should best model (although I do not agree that we should necessarily think that). From time to time[Continue Reading...]

The Who, What, When, Where & Why’s of the Sabbath.

According to the traditional understanding the Sabbath is the seventh day of the week – otherwise known to us as Saturday. In Exodus 20 we see that God commanded Israel to rest on the Sabbath day. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but[Continue Reading...]

Question of the Week – #12

Why do we call thirty-seconds of handshaking “fellowship”?

Why am I such a heretic?

I know I’ve complained about the AFA (American Family Association) before but I still get their emails and they still grate on my nerves. I like their emails because I get a sense of what is happening in the Christian world. You know, those things that I don’t care enough about to study all day[Continue Reading...]

Halloween: My experiences – SynchroBlog


This post is part of a SynchroBlog with the theme, A Christian Response to Halloween. More details at the bottom of this post. As a child, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. The bad part about living in Maine during Halloween was that pretty much everyone’s Halloween costume looked like this: It was always[Continue Reading...]

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