The 4-Hour Body Expirement – Slow Carb Diet (Month 1)

Warning: Some of this data may be considered TO MUCH INFORMATION… read at your own risk! In early December I happened upon a gizmodo post about this new book called The 4-Hour Body. The book is all about the MED – Minimum Effect Dose. What is the minimum amount of work you can do to[Continue Reading…]

My Experience with (formerly

I have a back-log of posts that I’ve been meaning to write and this is one of them… A few months ago I found myself in the position of needing to purchase and SSL certificate. This is nothing new to me, I’ve purchased many for many people, but never any for myself. I usually use[Continue Reading…]

Best Comment Spam Ever

I woke up this morning and saw that someone had commented on one of my older posts… Tough Times Among the Church My heart goes out to this “poor man from the African region”… but I just cannot approve this comment :).

Beyond the Box – Embracing an Open Future

One of my favorite podcasts (and pretty much the only Christian podcast I follow) is Beyond the Box. Basically a couple of heretic Jesus followers who are trying to “work out [their] salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12). In their most recent episode, Embracing an Open Future, they tried to answer a couple questions[Continue Reading…] (A Very Specific Kind of Baptist) uses the power of video to try and answer very specific questions relating to religion — specifically answers geared toward spreading the good news of Jesus. On the site there seems to be 23 video responses to questions like “Does God Love Gay People?”, “Does Archeology Support the Bible?”, “Where Did Evil Come From?”, and more. Some of these questions are answered by top theological scholars.

Rate Limiting with WordPress’ Transient API

I run a web app called, it’s a Social Media Optimization application for WordPress. Basically it publishes your WordPress content to Twitter / Facebook / Google Buzz whenever you publish new content to your website. There are a lot of “advertisers” who have been signing up for the service and one in particular has[Continue Reading…]

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Ended a long weekend with some nice, tedious pumpkin carving… pictures aren’t great, I think it looks a lot better in person.

Vernie Snoozing on my Leg

Cut Your Emissions… or We Will Kill You!

10:10 is a global campaign to cut carbon emissions by 10% (starting October 10th). Hey, that’s not a bad thing to strive for, right? I mean, I do not subscribe to any fundamental Global Warming / Climate Change beliefs, but I do think we should at least be aware of our environment. Well, this 10:10[Continue Reading…]

Words Not Found in Scripture – Ordinance

What are Ordinances? It’s been a while since I’ve written a Words Not Found in Scripture post… but I still have a list of words that I want to get through. Today’s word is Ordinance. You may have heard this word from time to time while listening to a preacher or perhaps in a business[Continue Reading…]

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