Finding Church – Available for Pre-Order!

At the beginning of the year I was told about a project by Jeremy Myers. He was trying to gather stories from followers of Christ who have left the church, who are switching churches, or who are reform their understanding of “church”. I decided that I would write my own story about leaving the church[Continue Reading…]

50 Shades of Grey … for web designers

I was bored…

A Quote from Pagan Christianity – 4

We Christians are not transformed simply by hearing sermons week after week. We are transformed by regular encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. – Page 100

A Quote form Pagan Christianity – 3

Every Sunday you attend the service to be bandaged and recharged, like all other wounded soldiers. Far too often, however, the bandaging and the recharging never takes place. The reason is quite simple. The New Testament never links sitting through an ossified ritual that we mislabel “church” as having anything to do with spiritual transformation.[Continue Reading…]

A Quote from Pagan Christianity – 2

Somehow we have been taught to feel holier when we are in “the house of God” and have inherited a pathological dependency upon an edifice to carry out our worship to God. At bottom, the church building has taught us badly about what church is and what it does. It is a contradiction of the[Continue Reading…]

A Quote from Pagan Christianity – 1

If the truth be told, we Christians never seem to ask why we do what we do. Instead, we blithely carry out our relgious traditions without asking where they came form. Most Christians who claim to uphold the integrity of God’s Word have never sought to see if what they do every Sunday has any[Continue Reading…]

Why Go?

I recently had my 28th birthday. I received some money and decided to spend it at I bought The Ultimate Hitchiker’s Guide (Leather Bound Edition). It looks remarkably like a Bible. I was sitting around with some friends and family and told them of my new purchase. Joking, I said I was going to[Continue Reading…]

Pagan Christianity

If you are an avid blogger then you’ve probably heard about the latest edition of Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna. The first edition of Pagan Christianity was written solely by Frank Viola (as far as I know), Barna is included in the second edition. The book, Pagan Christianity, is all about answering[Continue Reading…]

Help, I don’t want to go to church and other funny searches

I use Google analytics to track what is happening on my blog. I get to see which pages are most popular, how long people spend at my blog, and also what people search for to end up on my blog. Here are the top 11 funniest searches I’ve had in the past 30 days (in[Continue Reading…]

Ideal Bible?

I have a question for all my readers… what would your “ideal Bible” look like? For a while I have been desiring certain features in a Bible, such as, Greek and Hebrew along with a solid English translation; perhaps with or without Chapter and Verse divisions; maybe it would have cross references; a single column[Continue Reading…]