Active Directory (LDAP) Authentication in WordPress Multi-Site

Open Source

As many of you know, I led the team that launched the College of Education at UGA’s new website ( which is driven by WordPress Multi-Site. The first phase is complete, and the second phase has started up. Part of their second phase is to allow a custodian from each department to edit content on[Continue Reading…]

Homemade Doughnuts


I’ve had a hankering to try making doughnuts. These came out ok, but I think I can make them tastier with a little more experimentation…

Obama is God’s Judgement Against America


On my way into the office this morning (launching the new College of Education website for UGA), I was listening to some christian radio. I do not remember the name of the show, but I’ve heard the show before. The hosts were interviewing a man who wrote a book about Obama (at least in part).[Continue Reading…]

Certified as one of the Three Most Important People in WordPress


I have been certified as one of the three most important people in WordPress! From Matt Mullenweg’s hands, to your eyes; read’em and weep!

OMG it’s the Second Commandment!


You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain. – Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11

A Good Example of Bad Customer Service (PayPal)

I recently soft-launched my web app. is a subscription based service that allows people to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook (more coming) whenever they post new content to their WordPress websites. I set the pricing as cheaply as I could, 99 cents every quarter for the basic account, and 2.99$ every quarter[Continue Reading…]

How to fix WordPress MultiSite switch_to_blog() permalinks

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If you are using switch_to_blog() in your WordPress MultiSite installation and notice that your permalinks contain “/blog/” in them (or some other oddity). The give John James Jacoby’s plugin Switch Site Rewrite a go. Today I ran into this problem with a WPMS site that I am developing. I needed to pull posts from the[Continue Reading…]

Call Event Calendar 3 in WPMS from a different site ID

I’ve been working on a pretty complicated WordPress Multi-Site project for the College of Education at UGA. One of their sites will be controlling the master calendar for the main website. We wanted to display the calendar from the sub-site. One the main site of the page (an possibly on other sub-sites). Generally speaking, in[Continue Reading…]

Vote For Me at ThinkGeek!

Some of the good folks over at The Complete Website nominated me as their favorite SysAdmin for ThinkGeek’s Favorite SysAdmin contest and I made the top 10! The contest ends tomorrow, so if you get a chance today, I’d appreciate it if you voted for me.  The winners will be announced tomorrow. Thanks again!

Update Arguments for the WordPress Built-in Tag Cloud Widget

Usually I’d just call the wp_tag_cloud() function manually from a WordPress theme file, but I have a client who wants to use the Tag Cloud Widget on their site. The tag cloud widget has been in WordPress since WP 2.3. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest widget to use because you can’t customize it from the[Continue Reading…]

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