Athens & Woody Update

ATHENS The past two weeks have been hectic for us. As many of you know we have been in the process of moving to Athens. Well, I was finally able to close on our house August 29th. My wife and I moved from Dublin to Athens August 30th after a horrible experience with UHaul (I[Continue Reading...]


After moving to North Carolina I began working for a Christian institution, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Truth be told, I enjoyed this job a lot! Why? I wish I could say that there was a lack of politics (like you see in the nonChristian world), but that would not be true. I wish I could[Continue Reading...]

A Historical Church Building

I have become a big fan of NPR (National Public Radio). I get the benefits of talk radio (over crappy music), it is very enlightening, usually pretty balanced, and when it leans to the left I get a glimpse of their point-of-view. Yesterday, as I was riding home from work I heard a piece on[Continue Reading...]

Woody – Update

Well, Kati brought Woody to the Vet this morning. He did another x-ray and found that the object had moved and was almost passed. He was able to get it out and found that it was not a piece of metal at all. It was a small rock. So that’s kinda good news… but the[Continue Reading...]

Woody… the special one

One of our Beagles, Woody, is a little special. I always thought he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Ever since he was a wee one he just acted a little weirder than our other beagle, Gus. He’s always ran kinda weird… kinda like a horse galloping, but add a little “fairy” to[Continue Reading...]

Almost… but not quite!

Gosh, I want to write about the crappy words we use every frickin’ day. But I’m not really sure if you darn people will appreciate the friggin point. I mean, gee whiz, there are so many Christians who are so loose with the words they use. Shucks, some of y’all even use words straight from[Continue Reading...]

The List

1 Timothy 3:2-7 contains a list that people usually consider to be qualifications for a leadership role within the Church. The normal practice (at least in Baptist circles) has little to do with determining if their leaders actually meet the requirements of this list, but they often use it if they want to kick their[Continue Reading...]

More Random Crap…

I wrote about this over a year ago, here. has a unique business model – they sell 1 item every day. Actually it’s more like 4 items now, they have (the normal site), (a new t-shirt everyday), (for all you wine-o’s), and (a partnership with Anyways, last year, in[Continue Reading...]

What David Wrote…

We have many of poems/songs/psalms in the books of the Psalms written by David. In these writings, David was often brutal in his language, asking God to destroy his enemies. I do not know them all by heart, so I could be wrong, but I believe at the end of these requests he basically tells[Continue Reading...]

A Quote from Pagan Christianity – 4

We Christians are not transformed simply by hearing sermons week after week. We are transformed by regular encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. – Page 100

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