Question of the Week – #8

If Jesus told us to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, why do we make our organizations non-profit and/or tax-free?

Covering Up Sin

A few weeks ago Alan Knox at The Assembling of the Church wrote a post called Distractions to Worship? In it he wrote, Consider the situation where you are sitting among a group of believers, listening to someone teach. The teaching is very inspiring and challenging. You are really enjoying it. Beside you, a baby[Continue Reading...]

Cursing and Cussing and Swearing, Oh my!

sbc IMPACT! was recently created in response to what they see as negativity coming from the SBC Outpost. In their first post they wrote that it “is the vision of a group of Southern Baptist bloggers who desire to host a truly edifying, thought-provoking, civil community for the examination and discussion of issues that affect[Continue Reading...]

Question of the Week – #7

Why do we stand up when we sing hymns?

The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do…

Lately I have had a theme in many of my posts. You may have noticed it and I cannot say that the theme was my intention. I think a lot of it has to do with what God is revealing to me and so that theme tends to bleed out into my posts. The theme[Continue Reading...]

On Fire!

From time to time I hear about people who are “On Fire for Jesus!” Recently I heard a sermon about how we should check ourselves to see if we are the type of Christian God has called us to be. He used the example of a counterfeit bill. He said that bankers are trained to[Continue Reading...]

Question of the Week – #6

Why do we spend so little time thinking about what happens on Sunday morning, but place such a high value on attending on Sunday morning?

Inerrancy – Part 3: Our Bible

Before I discuss our Bible, let me sum up what I have talked about so far. First, in Inerrancy – Part 1: Doctrine of Inerrancy, I discussed the basics of this doctrine. I also eluded to the fact that this doctrine is essentially useless to us because it makes claims only about writings that we[Continue Reading...]

Inerrancy – Part 2: Scripture

What is Scripture? The word, “scripture” occurs 32 times in the NKJV and 32 times in the NASB, but the list is slightly different. The NKJV list includes Daniel 10:21, the NASB does not. The NASB list includes 1 Timothy 4:13 (but it is marked to show that it is not in the Greek, merely[Continue Reading...]

Inerrancy – Part 1: The Doctrine of Inerrancy

I have decided to write a series on about Biblical Inerrancy. There are three things I want to discuss in this series; first, the Doctrine of Inerrancy; second, the word Scripture; and third, how our Bible fits into the picture and I will conclude with how we should respond to these three things. The Doctrine[Continue Reading...]

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