SSL Certificate Scam – Yay or Nay?


Let me preface this post by saying that I could be completely wrong… I just want to rant and say those expensive Extended Validation SSL certificates are a big scam! All certificate authorities offer some sort of Extended Validation Certificate, it usually cost two to three or even ten times a normal certificate. So, these[Continue Reading…]

7 Animals That Are NOT Evolving Right Before Our Eyes


Cracked recently put out an article called 7 Animals that are Evolving Right Before Our Eyes by Kristi Harrison. This article starts out with a somewhat condescending attitude toward creationists… People who doubt evolution tend to have one main argument: “If evolution is true, why do we still see monkeys running around today, all chimp-like?[Continue Reading…]

8 Tips for Building an Annoying Website


1. Auto-resize the browser window Nothing says to me more that you know who I am and what I like than you automatically changing my browser windows size. Before I went to your website, I thought I wanted my browser in full-screen… then you showed me how wonderful the world looked in 200×800 — you[Continue Reading…]

A Spiritual Fireball


Harold Camping came out and shocked us all again. He apologized for being wrong, well he wasn’t really wrong, he was right just not as right as he thought he would be. As it turns out, the May 21st rapture did happen, but it was when the “spiritual judgment” started. Camping still affirms the belief[Continue Reading…]

How to sync your iPhone to a new computer without losing data


Here is the easiest way to sync your iPhone to a new computer without losing data and having to re-organize everything.

A Hypothetical Question: Osama bin Laden and Heaven


This is a question to all my Christian brothers and sisters, especially those who continue to rejoice in the belief that Osama bin Laden will spend an eternity in Hell. For the sake of my curiosity, let’s pretend that Osama bin Laden did whatever it takes (according to your belief) to be saved, whether he[Continue Reading…]

Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie w/ Whey Protein Recipe


This is the recipe I have been using: 8oz orange juice, 3 large frozen strawberries, 1 whole kiwi, 1 Scoop of Whey Protein

How to search for user last name in the WordPress Users dashboard

wordpress grey logo

Have a client with almost 2500 users in their WordPress site and they wanted to be able to search their users by last name. By default this is not enabled in WordPress core, so here is a quick function/hook you can add to your functions.php file to enable this: I will probably expand this a[Continue Reading…]

I’m not much different than Osama bin Laden


Ultimately, the death of Osama bin Laden made me consider my own life. I soon realized, that I am not much different from him. I am a man of conviction, a man of religion, sometimes a man with radical beliefs…

4 Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet: Nutritional Facts


In The 4-Hour Body Expirement – Slow Carb Diet (Month 1) I talked about the Slow Carb diet that I have been experimenting with. I have changed a few things about the diet to attempt to be a little healthier, plus I am trying to gain muscle, which means I have to change my diet’s focus a little bit. But I have had some questions/concerns from people about how healthy this diet is.

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