2 months, 17 pounds, Low Carb

Last month I wrote my first update since going back on a low carb diet. I had lost 10 pounds in a month. It’s been another month and I’ve lost another 7 pounds. I’m now only 3 pounds from my goal of 165! And, at the risk of sounding vain, I look a lot better…


So You Want Me to Join Your Church?

I am a member of a couple of “closed” communities on Facebook. Closed in the sense that they are “closed” on Facebook, but anyone is welcome to join… they’re more or less considered “safe places” to talk about what we believe. I am not even sure how to describe these groups, other than they are…


Words Not Found in Scripture – Worship

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything from the Words Not Found in Scripture series. Recently I was inspired to write a little bit about the word Worship. In today’s Christian circles Worship is usually defined as “singing” or even specifically “corporate singing”. In our modern church meetings we usually have 30…


1 Month, 10 Pounds, Low Carb

Three years ago, almost to date, I wrote about The 4-Hour Body Expirement – Slow Carb Diet (Month 1) where I discussed the Slow Carb diet which I learned from Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body. Since then I have learned a lot about myself and the evil carbohydrate. One of the nasty things I’ve…


Graze Box Review

I saw an ad on Facebook a while ago for something called the Graze Box… a healthy and organic snack box delivered to your house every two or four weeks. The ad was for a free box, so I figured I’d give it a try. Well, we just received our first box and I wanted…


2013 in Review

2013 has been quite a year… January After finishing up our first Christmas celebration with our son and daughter, we reached out to our adoption agency to discuss what we needed to do to sponsor their older sister (who was not available for adoption). We received a reply stating that she was now available for…


10 Ways to Enjoy Christmas… without Santa

In no particular order… Give gifts to people you care about Help those who are less fortunate Watch some Christmas classics Eat and drink fun Christmas foods Sing Christmas carols Play some games Snuggle with someone special Open gifts people gave to you Take a nap Read an interesting book


Why You Should Boycott Duck Dynasty

We don’t have cable, but even when we did we didn’t really watch the reality show Duck Dynasty. We’ve seen a couple episodes here and there and have been somewhat entertained. Here’s the thing, one of the main people in the Duck Dynasty family is Phil Robertson. In a recent interview with GQ he was…


Is the Kingdom Divided?

Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; – Jesus (Matthew 12:25) Does this apply to Jesus’ bride, the church? The church has been divided against itself since before the New Testament letters were written. Don’t believe me, read the letters! Followers of Jesus are definitely not perfect people. We struggle on a daily basis…