On Offending the World

In Matthew 11:6 and Luke 7:23, Jesus tells us that we are blessed if we do not take offense at him. Even his Father, in Isaiah 28:16, calls the Christ a stumbling block and a rock of offense. The fact is that the Truth offends people. Jesus knew this then and now. The truth that[Continue Reading…]

A Good Muslim vs. A Good Christian

I received this forward over the weekend: Subject: “Subject: A Good Muslim” This piece is really food for thought ~ especially the very last statement! With all the Muslims now legal citizens, living, having children and voting in this nation…how long folks?? God says Christians are to love everyone and this does not discredit God’s[Continue Reading…]

Why care about the CBF? – Response

David Roach has written an article published at the Baptist Press titled, Why care about the CBF?. Roach describes a recent experience he had when visiting the CBF’s General Assembly. The thesis of his article is that the CBF is still useful to the SBC, not necessarily for the ministry, but as a reminder of[Continue Reading…]

Pastoral Leadership…

Dr. David Black asks, “Is this how the Lord Jesus planned for His church to operate . . . ? Perhaps our difficulties are self-induced.” in his an excellent article called Recovering Paul’s Perspective on Pastoral Leadership. Please read Dr. Black’s article. I think it will benefit you, even if you already agree with the[Continue Reading…]

Quote of the Yesterday

We use GMAIL for our main email. There is tons of space, great spam filters, and we can access it any place that has the internet. On the top of GMAIL there are different customizable things that can display called “WebClips.” They consiste of news headlines, recipes, word of the day, tips, etc. I usually[Continue Reading…]

Business Meeting – Part 2

Well, I was able to go to the business meeting this past Sunday. It was not as bad as I envisioned. Here is a brief recap: Lady #1 said, we need to be bible believing/following Christians and if the Bible says that women cannot be deacons than we should not encourage women to be deacons.[Continue Reading…]

Life in the Journey

I have been invited to be a contributor of a new Christian blogging community called Life in the Journey. It is a blog dedicated to sharing the abundant life that Jesus has poured on us and the journey that we are all on with him standing at our sides. I encourage you all to add[Continue Reading…]

Testimony of Gulshan Esther…

This past semester, Dr. Greenham shared with his Christian Missions class a testimony from The Torn Veil: The Story of Sister Gulshan Esther as told to Thelma Sangster with Noble Din Interpreter. This quote is actually taken from Dr. Greenham’s disertation Muslim conversions to Christ: an investigation of Palestinian converts living in the Holy land[Continue Reading…]

NEWS: Dwight McKissic

I just read from dallasnews.com that Dwight McKissic has resigned from the Board of Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological seminary. “It has taken a tremendous toll on my family and ministry, and my wife believes it has negatively impacted my health,” he said in a resignation letter to Van McClain, chairman of the Fort Worth[Continue Reading…]

Business Meeting – Part 1

I have been given the “heads up” that at this Sunday’s business meeting we will be voting on whether or not to continue the practice of allowing women to be deacons. We currently have two or three woman deacons and some people believe this is wrong. I am going to try my best to not[Continue Reading…]

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