How to fix the WordPress SEO sitemap bug caused by NextGEN Gallery

If you use WordPress SEO with NextGEN gallery and have submitted a WPSEO generated sitemap to Google Webmaster tools than you have most likely run into an error with your images not being indexed properly. After some debugging I discovered that this was related to how NextGEN gallery incorrectly adds images to the WPSEO generated[Continue Reading…]

“Dynamically-related files cannot be discovered because a testing server is not defined” bug in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Just upgraded from Adobe CS3 Web Premium to CS5 Web Premium… popped open my most used piece of software (Dreamweaver) and immediately noticed this bug.

Black Widow Making an Egg Sac

As many of you know, we have a pretty large Black Widow population around our neighborhood. I was calling the dogs in today and happened upon a mother making an egg sac. Shortly after I killed it and its new family. Not all creatures are created equal in my eyes. I also found another Black[Continue Reading…]