The Developer / Client Usability Divide – An Example I Will Never Forget

Something like 10 years ago, when I was at the University of Maine working on my Computer Science degree, I took a course titled Graphical User Interface Design with Professor Charles Welty. There was probably one thing above all things that stuck with me from this course. It immediately impressed upon my mind the divide that[Continue Reading…]

Remove Username Character Limit from WordPress Multi-Site / Multi-User

I’ve been working on a pretty complex project with WordPress MultiUser (soon to be MultiSite). This client needs several sites with hundreds of users divided into each site. I will be integrating the backend authentication with LDAP and discovered that a small percentage of their users have usernames with fewer than four characters. WordPress MU[Continue Reading…]

Easily Extended Contact Info in WordPress

I’m working on a project where I need the ability to add “Phone”, “Building”, and “Room” as information a user could add in their profile. I also wanted to remove “AIM”, “Yahoo”, and “Jabber” — none of the users are going to need to fill in that info. You can easily add this code into[Continue Reading…]