Facebook Change My Privacy Settings! Check Yours Now!

Last night I posted a couple things to Facebook and I noticed that each of the posts had the tag “posted from XXXXX, GA”. I know I disabled this last year (or later), I don’t want anyone knowing where I post from, unless I specifically perform that action. So I looked around on the iPhone[Continue Reading…]

Facebook Turn My Post (Word-for-Word) into an Ad…

On March 14th, I recommended that everyone buy Brian Brushwood’s Scam School Book 1. I am a huge fan of Brushwood, and he wanted to try to “scam” his way onto the Amazon best sellers list for that day by crowd sourcing his fans into buying the book. I have watched every one of his[Continue Reading…]

Facebook Video Calling – First Impression

I had a chance to check out Facebook Video Calling last night with my parents. The video quality seemed really good, actually seemed to be a little better than normal Skyping with my parents. Getting it initially setup was a bit difficult. I had no problem downloading and installing the executable, but my father ran[Continue Reading…]

A Good Example of Bad Customer Service (PayPal)

I recently soft-launched my leenk.me web app. leenk.me is a subscription based service that allows people to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook (more coming) whenever they post new content to their WordPress websites. I set the pricing as cheaply as I could, 99 cents every quarter for the basic account, and 2.99$ every quarter[Continue Reading…]