Top 10 Healthiest Boar’s Head Deli Meats

I eat about 4 oz of Boar’s Head Deli meat four times a week. So I decided to find out which of their tasty delights are the healthiest for me to eat. By the way, I am a poultry guy and I prefer Turkey to Chicken… but these are the hard facts about their healthiest[Continue Reading…]

Homemade Doughnuts

I’ve had a hankering to try making doughnuts. These came out ok, but I think I can make them tastier with a little more experimentation…

Dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room

After the last ballet performance of the season by the Atlanta Ballet, Kati and I headed over to Mary Mac’s Tea Room to try out the food. We have a list of Atlanta restaurants to try out and this was second on the list. We ordered some Fried Green Tomatoes as an appetizers. They were[Continue Reading…]


We have a big blueberry tree in our yard. Yes a “tree” not a bush. The former owner of our house had a very exotic taste and we find all sorts of interesting plants around here. Last year the tree did not bear very much fruit. This year, the tree has given us more fruit[Continue Reading…]