50 Shades of Grey … for web designers

I was bored…

Fun with SEO Spammers

I am involved in a joint venture with one of my close friends, Glenn Ansley. It’s the World’s Best Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress (in my humble opinion). Well, if you have a website, you know you’re going to get typical SPAM through your contact form, from so-called “SEO Experts”. We received one the other[Continue Reading…]

2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off – Best Prize Ever!

Today was the College of Education’s 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off. I got to eat six very tasty chili recipes. I just got an email with a list of the winners for the cook-off and I got a pretty good chuckle at the 3rd place prize. I hope it’s as magnificent as I’ve been imagining… And[Continue Reading…]

Jenni vs. Box

Unboxed a new carpet cleaner and Jenni was very interested in one of the inner boxes… took a short video of her in action.

Caption Contest – Betty in the Cabinet

Ok, so I’m going to throw a little caption contest! Kati took this picture this afternoon and I thought it deserves a funny caption, but I have no idea what it should be! If you win, I’ll mail you a Powered by WordPress t-shirt (blue / medium) if you want. Otherwise you’ll just get the[Continue Reading…]

Best Comment Spam Ever

I woke up this morning and saw that someone had commented on one of my older posts… Tough Times Among the Church My heart goes out to this “poor man from the African region”… but I just cannot approve this comment :).