The Concise Guide to Securing WordPress and Repairing Hacks – Now Available

The Concise Guide to Securing WordPress and Repairing Hacks is available today on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. You can also “borrow” it for five days from your Kindle for free. I have been developing WordPress themes and plugins for over five years now and have dealt with my share of clients whose sites have[Continue Reading…]

Remove Username Character Limit from WordPress Multi-Site / Multi-User

I’ve been working on a pretty complex project with WordPress MultiUser (soon to be MultiSite). This client needs several sites with hundreds of users divided into each site. I will be integrating the backend authentication with LDAP and discovered that a small percentage of their users have usernames with fewer than four characters. WordPress MU[Continue Reading…]

Should Twitter Ban Users for using the ‘accept username’ Vulnerability?

Recently a Twitter vulnerability was leaked that allowed Twitter users to type ‘accept username‘ (where username was another twitter user) and it forced that user to follow you. For instance, the last time I looked Conan O’Brien’s account had over 300 followers. Even though he said he was only going to follow 1 random person[Continue Reading…]