Fun with SEO Spammers

I am involved in a joint venture with one of my close friends, Glenn Ansley. It’s the World’s Best Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress (in my humble opinion). Well, if you have a website, you know you’re going to get typical SPAM through your contact form, from so-called “SEO Experts”. We received one the other[Continue Reading…]

Are Microsoft Bing & Yahoo getting into shaddy SEO practices?

Two spam comments on my site today, both comments are non-sensical, but the interesting part is the URL. One of them had and the other This is a pretty common SEO trick to get more links back to your site. Is Bing and Yahoo employing this trick?

Best Comment Spam Ever

I woke up this morning and saw that someone had commented on one of my older posts… Tough Times Among the Church My heart goes out to this “poor man from the African region”… but I just cannot approve this comment :).