I skipped cardio yesterday, I had to get my hair cut instead. What do you think? New hair cut... Thoughts?

Weight: 185.2 lbs
Waist: 37 inches

Had a great ab workout today… I did Oblique Floor Crunches and I reeeaaaaally felt it. I also listened to a  podcast called FBN by Darin Hufford called “The Spirit of Antichrist”. If you like those sermons where a guy reads a passage of scripture and then talks for an hour about various things, then you’d like his podcast. Me? Not so much. It’s not that he was unscriptural in what he was saying… it’s just not my thing. I will definitely be unsubscribing from that one. I prefer conversational podcasts, not just one guy talking to me. Beyond the Box really needs to put out more podcasts to fit my schedule :). I also checked out a podcast called, “The Voice of the Heretics,” it was pretty good. I just listened to the latest one, I’ll check out the older episodes though.

My wife is also away on a cruise with her mom this week. They’re having a blast – meanwhile I’m stuck home with 9 anxious animals and it’s raining outside so they want to be all up in my grill :).