30 Things About Me

A lot can happen in 30 years…

  1. I am a Christ follower.
  2. I was born the day Mount Saint Helen erupted in 1980.
  3. I met my wife on a cruise in the Caribbean.
  4. I have lived in three states – Maine, North Carolina, and Georgia.
  5. I have two beagles – Gus and Woody.
  6. I have seven cats – Abi, Veronica, Midge, Betty, Archie, Jughead, and Moose.
  7. I am a partner in a Web Development company.
  8. I was born on my parent’s anniversary.
  9. My favorite movie is Fight Club.
  10. My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged.
  11. I have tried to get on two game shows (unsuccessfully) – Deal or No Deal & Wheel of Fortune.
  12. I have a very poor memory.
  13. I have about 90 hours towards a Computer Science degree.
  14. However, my Bachelor’s Degree is in Biblical Studies.
  15. I use to shoplift when I was a teenager.
  16. I once put 75$ down on a single hand of Black Jack and won.
  17. Texas Hold’em is my poker game of choice.
  18. I love playing Jeopardy with my wife but I rarely win.
  19. I suffer from wanting to do everything and never finishing anything.
  20. I have never taken any illegal substances (drugs).
  21. I would love to hike the Appalachian Trail but doubt I’ll ever get the chance.
  22. The smell of raw celery makes me gag.
  23. I have a tattoo on my upper-back.
  24. I am a very heavy sleeper.
  25. I rarely remember my dreams.
  26. Post-Apocalyptic movies are my favorite genre.
  27. I do not get the same satisfaction from music as most people I know.
  28. I cried during the fourth season finale of House.
  29. Pink Lady’s are my favorite apple flavor.
  30. When I was young I was really into the paranormal… it still intrigues me, but now I  look at it through Christian. lenses.