Cut Your Emissions… or We Will Kill You!

10:10 is a global campaign to cut carbon emissions by 10% (starting October 10th). Hey, that’s not a bad thing to strive for, right? I mean, I do not subscribe to any fundamental Global Warming / Climate Change beliefs, but I do think we should at least be aware of our environment.

Well, this 10:10 Global group put out a very scary video, which apparently was meant to be humorous…

I just read that Sony is pulling their support from the 10:10 Global group because of this video (mainly because it had little children being blown up) — my kudos to Sony for making a wise decision. This Ad scares me… what was meant to be “humor” will (has) only alienate people who do not believe in Climate Change. Further, it may spark the idea that people like me should be killed, for the sake of the environment. In the wrong minds, this video is dangerous… in the right minds, this video is shameful.

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