Dear 1and1

I got this lovely email from 1and1 today…

Here is the gist, they’re upgrading the Business package feature set. Now I can get unlimited emails (which I don’t use), unlimited webspace (as if I’d ever use more than 25oGB), unlimited MySQL Database (I’m sure my 5 sites don’t need more than 25 databases), unlimited sub domains (I wouldn’t exceed 200 anyway), unlimited FTP accounts (I just need one for me), 10 mailing lists (don’t use), PHP (huh? I already have/usr PHP), and 1 dedicated SSL Cert (ok, I might actually use this).

Pretty good deal, right? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they’re also increasing my bill from 9.99$/mo to 13.99$/mo. That’s right, a 40% increase in my bill for services that THEY know most people will never use and other hosting providers already give!

Thank you 1and1! Anyone have any good shared hosting recommendations?


Important Information from 1&1 regarding your account

Customer ID: 17320173

Dear Lewis Ayotte,

Thank you for your continued use of the 1&1 Business package.
We appreciate the fact that you have chosen us for your web hosting
needs and we always intend to offer you the best value for your money.

We realize that the internet is changing constantly and so are the
needs of our customers. In order to be as up-to-date as possible
with the features of our products, we conduct a thorough review of
our services on a regular basis.

We are happy to announce that as of May 1, 2011 you will be able
to enjoy the following features in your package and experience
the freedom of unlimited hosting:

– Unlimited E-mail Accounts (instead of 2500)
More space for e-mail communication.

– Unlimited Web Space (instead of 250 GB)
With more web space, you have more space for creativity.

– Unlimited MySQL Databases (instead of 25)
Easy way to store data used by dynamic applications.

– More possibilities for your account with:
Unlimited Subdomains (instead of 200)
Unlimited FTP Accounts (instead of 25)
10 Mailing Lists (instead of 5)

You can use the web scripting language PHP to create dynamic
web pages and interactive features that greatly exceed the
functionality of simple HTML files.

– Included dedicated SSL Certificate (instead of 0)
Secure the transmission of sensitive data on your site.

We have listened to your recommendations and created one of the most
feature-rich web hosting packages in the industry. As a result, each
of your 1&1 Business packages will now be billed at $13.99 per month
starting in May 2011.

The new price for the 1&1 Business package will be applied
at the start of your package’s next billing cycle after May 1, 2011.
The 1&1 Business package has a 3 month billing cycle, payable in

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please
contact our support representatives in the next 30 days and they will
be happy to assist you. So that we can reply as quickly as possible,
please contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

Thank you for choosing 1&1 and we look forward to your continued


Your 1&1 Team
1&1 Internet Inc.

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  1. I switched to Dreamhost earlier this year (from 1&1). So far no complaints, though I don’t have a business account, just the basic shared hosting account (equivalent to 1&1’s home account I believe)

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