Jenni the Proud Hunter

This morning around 4, I woke up to some of the loudest crying I have heard from one of our cats. I knew immediately it was Jenni (it sounded like her) but her crying sounded more intense than a normal “I caught a cricket” cry. I thought for sure that she had caught a giant rat or something in our house. So, sleepy and droopy eyed, I got up and scanned for Jenni. I walked through the living room, then the kitchen, I rounded the corner to the garage and there Jenni was. She was sitting in the hallway to the garage on top of her prey. There it was, a giant black rat… oh wait… I flipped on the hall light, it wasn’t a rat at all, it was one of the dog’s rope bones!

She was so proud of her catch and immediately started purring when she saw me. Good girl Jenni, now let me sleep…

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