Dan Allen is from Maine, he’s a follower of Christ, a father of four, and a husband to a great gal. He’s also a pretty good artist and a huge fan of zombies. Combine all of those things and you get Zeke the Zombie, the world’s first zombie book for children! (I think) The first in this series is Zeke the Zombie Lost His Arm. In this tale of Zeke the Zombie, Zeke has lost his arm and learns a little about responsibility.

The Zeke the Zombie story line is pretty basic and easy to follow. It is not really scary for kids, Zeke and the other zombies are friendly-looking cartoons, albeit a little disgusting at times. There are several little details within the book that even adult zombie fans will find humorous. I would not have any reservations reading this book to my children before bedtime.

So, if you like zombies, like children, and like children’s books about zombies, head on over to Amazon to get your copy today! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Zeke the Zombie Facebook page!

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