Is it because the evidence, through observation and testing lead to this particular answer? Or is it because they scientists are afraid of losing their jobs and becoming ostracized from their communities? I hypothesized this question a few days ago in my post Why are main-stream Evolutionists Intellectually Dishonest?. Today, I heard this story on the No Agenda Show.

This story is about government, but can easily be applied to corporations that fund scientific studies as well. No matter who is financing you, if they have a vested interest in the results of your study, then your job is at risk if your study disagrees with the results they were looking for. This problem is magnified when you have the monetary resources most governments have, and when you live in a corporatocracy (corporations are people too, right?). The corporations largely fund the politicians and the politicians ultimately decide where government research funds are spent. If the politicians piss off the corporations, they lose their funding.

Think about how much money the government is making from Climate Change. In fact, consider this one question. If Climate Change is real and is such a grave threat to the world, why are they talking about implementing a Cap and Trade system? The fact is, governments have a vested interested in Climate Change, they’re making tons of money from it. And in Canada, if your science disagrees with the desired outcome, you’re gagged or fired. So I’ll ask once again, why do the majority climate scientists agree? I think this story is pretty damning.

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