We don’t have cable, but even when we did we didn’t really watch the reality show Duck Dynasty. We’ve seen a couple episodes here and there and have been somewhat entertained. Here’s the thing, one of the main people in the Duck Dynasty family is Phil Robertson. In a recent interview with GQ he was discussing his religious beliefs. He (and the entire Duck Dynasty family) are non-apologetically Christian. During this interview he made a comment eluding to homosexuals not inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Is this why you should boycott Duck Dynasty? No. If you boycott Duck Dynasty (a reality show that you seemingly like and watch) because one of the members of the show acts completely within the traditional bounds the belief system that he’s always been open about. Then you, my friend, are probably an idiot.

Well, Phil’s comments were considered controversial (because surprise a Christian thinks homosexuals are not going to Heaven). Apparently the LGBT community were pretty upset that an open Christian believes these things. In response, A&E came out and said that they were going to suspend Phil from Duck Dynasty.

Is this why you should boycott Duck Dynasty? No. If you boycott Duck Dynasty because a network is trying to protect their image by kowtowing to the LGBT community, then you should probably cancel your cable subscription today. Oh, and you’re probably an idiot too. Go sit with the others in the room.

So, why should you boycott Duck Dynasty? You should boycott Duck Dynasty because A&E’s executives are a bunch of hypocritical morons.

First, they have a reality show of completely open Christians. These guys are very serious about their faith. This show is extremely popular among Christians. And you’re surprised that one of the Christians on your extremely popular show has a very typical Christian belief?

Second, your move acts as if any number of the other members of the show do not share this opinion. Why hasn’t A&E interviewed the other members of the show and sacked the ones that share Phil’s opinion? A&E doesn’t give two craps about the LGBT community, they only care about shutting the LGBT community up so they can get back to making tons of money on one of the most popular shows on television.

Third, I don’t really have a third… except, who cares. It’s just a dumb reality show about a bunch of rednecks from Louisiana (their description, not mine). It’s funny sometimes, but understand these situations are contrived. I am sure you can find something more productive to do with your time than watch shows making moron television executives rich.

P.S. I really hope the rest of the members of Duck Dynasty come out in support of Phil because I want to see how A&E reacts when the top show on television has to be canceled all because a bunch of Christians have opinions common of Christians.

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