I’m using the term “paranormal” here to mean “unexplained”. I am not claiming that any of my these experiences were ghosts, or demons, or angels, or aliens, or interdimensional travelers. Although, I am pretty intrigued by the idea that I am living my own version of Interstellar, however unlikely that may be.

This happened recently, I am a forty year old man now. I don’t live in Maine anymore, but I’ve been visiting once a month for the past few months because my father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. On my second trip up here, I was working “from home” and my parents were out running some errands together. My wife called and I was chatting with her a bit and felt snacky, but wanted something kinda healthy. I started searching the kitchen cabinets for anything, when I came upon an unopened container of cashews. I picked it up, opened it, and grabbed a handful. I closed it back up and put the nuts back the way I found them.

Here’s the general idea of what it looked like when I put the nuts back.

I got off the phone with Kati, went to the hallway bathroom to take a leak, and then went back to the dining room table where I had my laptop setup and started working again. Maybe 15-30 minutes later I decided that it was time for another handful of cashews. I got up, walked to the cabinet and opened the cabinet. But this time, the cashews weren’t there. Instead, I was looking at an unopened container of mixed nuts.

These aren’t the nuts you’re looking for.

I was completely baffled. I know I had just had some cashews. I know I wouldn’t have eaten mixed nuts and merely “thought” I had eaten cashews… but I checked, and this container was completely closed. “Okay”, I thought, “maybe I put the cashews behind the mixed nuts, after all, I was on the phone with Kati, maybe I wasn’t really paying attention to my own actions.” So, I pull out the container of mixed nuts to find the cashews behind it… except, it was another container of mixed nuts.

More mixed nuts?

Okay, so now I’m even more baffled. Yet again, another container of unopened mixed nuts. So, I decided to look behind this container, just to see what I’ll find.

How did they get back there?

My hands, now holding two containers of mixed nuts, and there is the container of cashews I had originally opened an ate from. I juggle the mixed nuts into my arms, pull out the cashews again, put the mixed nuts back in their proper order, eat some more cashews and put them where I had originally found them. Then I went to my computer and texted my wife, “There’s a damn ghost in this house!”

Somehow, while I was completely alone in this house, between the time I put the cashews away, went to take a pee, started working again, and then went back to get more cashews, the cashews I had opened had moved from the first spot in the cabinet, to the third spot in the cabinet.

Was there an entity mad that I was eating my parent’s cashews? Did I accidentally put the cashews in a black hole? Was this another time when my future self traveled through time and space to play a trick on me? Or did I somehow take out three containers of nuts while talking to my wife and only think I put them in an order that made sense? I’m not sure I’ll ever know the truth but also, this is the first paranormal incident I’ve had in over 20 years. And, except for the U.F.O. experience, I’ve only ever had these experiences in this house.

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