Body for Life – Week 3

Week two of Body for Life was much better than Week 1. A lot less soreness and even a little muscle gain (I think). Since Monday was Labor day I mowed the lawn, which I treated as my cardio (which should have been on Tuesday) – so I skipped Tuesday altogether. I did this for[Continue Reading…]

Body for Life – Week 2

I’ve successfully finished week 1 of my Body for Life training and have begun week 2. Week 1 was a miserable experience! I had not seriously worked out in a long time and had all the pain associated with lifting weights. I could not move for a whole week. But that week is over and[Continue Reading…]

Body for Life

I’ve started a new weight training program called Body for Life. Right now I am just going to do the Weight Training / Cardio, not the Eat for Life program. Every week I’m going to post about my progress with the program. My goal is to use available time (lunch break) to try to be[Continue Reading…]