Kerry, Clinton, Romney, and Obama on Russia/Syria — What’s going on here?

Something is seriously wrong here. John Kerry says the U.S. will not attack Syria if Assad turns “over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week – turn it over, all of it without delay and allow the full and total accounting.” John Kerry on military strikes against[Continue Reading…]

Facebook Change My Privacy Settings! Check Yours Now!

Last night I posted a couple things to Facebook and I noticed that each of the posts had the tag “posted from XXXXX, GA”. I know I disabled this last year (or later), I don’t want anyone knowing where I post from, unless I specifically perform that action. So I looked around on the iPhone[Continue Reading…]

Limit Login Attempts in WordPress with a Must-Use Plugin

As a WordPress developer, I quite frequently deal with clients who have had their WordPress installations hacked. The number one cause that I have seen from these hacks are short/insecure passwords. I actually dealt with so many of these issues that I wrote a small ebook called The Concise Guide to Securing WordPress and Repairing[Continue Reading…]

The Developer / Client Usability Divide – An Example I Will Never Forget

Something like 10 years ago, when I was at the University of Maine working on my Computer Science degree, I took a course titled Graphical User Interface Design with Professor Charles Welty. There was probably one thing above all things that stuck with me from this course. It immediately impressed upon my mind the divide that[Continue Reading…]

How to Block FeedBurner from Burning your Feed (in WordPress)

I have had an interesting problem for the past year, basically ever since I created a blog for my wife. For some really weird reason, any Google property (like Google Reader) would inject my feed from FeedBurner into her feed… even though she is not even using FeedBurner. Unfortunately, Google pretty  much offers NO SUPPORT for[Continue Reading…]

The Concise Guide to Securing WordPress and Repairing Hacks – Now Available

The Concise Guide to Securing WordPress and Repairing Hacks is available today on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. You can also “borrow” it for five days from your Kindle for free. I have been developing WordPress themes and plugins for over five years now and have dealt with my share of clients whose sites have[Continue Reading…]

How to disable profile.php in WordPress

I recently had to setup a demo site with a demo user in WordPress and wanted to lock down the user as much as possible to prevent any bad behavior. Creating a new role with limited permissions is easy but I had to spend some time to figure out how to prevent a user from[Continue Reading…]

Custom WordPress Plugin Update Repository

I have recently been spending a lot of time developing the IssueM plugin for a company I do a lot of contract work for. IssueM is an issue manager plugin for WordPress, to manage issues for online magazines, periodicals, and such. The idea for IssueM started a couple years ago, and even started as a plugin,[Continue Reading…]

Facebook Turn My Post (Word-for-Word) into an Ad…

On March 14th, I recommended that everyone buy Brian Brushwood’s Scam School Book 1. I am a huge fan of Brushwood, and he wanted to try to “scam” his way onto the Amazon best sellers list for that day by crowd sourcing his fans into buying the book. I have watched every one of his[Continue Reading…]

Fun with SEO Spammers

I am involved in a joint venture with one of my close friends, Glenn Ansley. It’s the World’s Best Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress (in my humble opinion). Well, if you have a website, you know you’re going to get typical SPAM through your contact form, from so-called “SEO Experts”. We received one the other[Continue Reading…]