“Dynamically-related files cannot be discovered because a testing server is not defined” bug in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Just upgraded from Adobe CS3 Web Premium to CS5 Web Premium… popped open my most used piece of software (Dreamweaver) and immediately noticed this bug.

How to install ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition in RHEL

Ok, I’ve been pulling my hair out for about a week on this stupid ColdFusion 9 installer. Seriously, it’s been a nightmare for me! I’m running RHEL 5.5 32-bit, but I suspect this problem will happen to anyone downloading the free ColdFusion 9 installer from Adobe (until they fix it). The Developer and Trial versions[Continue Reading…]

My Experience with SSLs.com (formerly CheapSSLs.com)

I have a back-log of posts that I’ve been meaning to write and this is one of them… A few months ago I found myself in the position of needing to purchase and SSL certificate. This is nothing new to me, I’ve purchased many for many people, but never any for myself. I usually use[Continue Reading…]

Best Comment Spam Ever

I woke up this morning and saw that someone had commented on one of my older posts… Tough Times Among the Church My heart goes out to this “poor man from the African region”… but I just cannot approve this comment :).

Rate Limiting with WordPress’ Transient API

I run a web app called leenk.me, it’s a Social Media Optimization application for WordPress. Basically it publishes your WordPress content to Twitter / Facebook / Google Buzz whenever you publish new content to your website. There are a lot of “advertisers” who have been signing up for the service and one in particular has[Continue Reading…]

WordPress Weekly Patch – Escaped Apostrophe – Trac #14996

Glenn Ansley started this “WordPress Weekly Patch” idea. Where you submit one patch a week to WordPress core. I’ve been doing it, but have definitely missed the “weekly” part of “weekly” :). I’ve just been way too busy. Regardless, this is my patch for the week – http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/14996 If you insert a Video/Audio/Media link and[Continue Reading…]

Using WordPress’ Built-in Media Upload

I was working with a client a few weeks ago. They wanted to create a customer portal that allowed their customers to upload files to their website. Once their clients have uploaded the files, they needed to be able to download and delete the files from the server. There were a few plugins in the[Continue Reading…]

Allowing Hyperlinks in Your WordPress Excerpts

By default, WordPress strips out all the HTML tags from your post excerpts. I needed to allow hyperlinks, but there is a problem when WordPress tries to truncate the post’s content. The wp_trim_excerpt function is what WordPress uses to do all the trimming work, I simply copied the code, modified it, and stuck my new[Continue Reading…]

Active Directory (LDAP) Authentication in WordPress Multi-Site

As many of you know, I led the team that launched the College of Education at UGA’s new website (http://www.coe.uga.edu/) which is driven by WordPress Multi-Site. The first phase is complete, and the second phase has started up. Part of their second phase is to allow a custodian from each department to edit content on[Continue Reading…]

Certified as one of the Three Most Important People in WordPress

I have been certified as one of the three most important people in WordPress! From Matt Mullenweg’s hands, to your eyes; read’em and weep!