Words Not Found in Scripture – Ordinance

What are Ordinances? It’s been a while since I’ve written a Words Not Found in Scripture post… but I still have a list of words that I want to get through. Today’s word is Ordinance. You may have heard this word from time to time while listening to a preacher or perhaps in a business[Continue Reading…]

Thoughts on a Christian Nation…

From time to time we all hear about the United States of America being a “Christian Nation.” Many Muslim terrorist hate the U.S. because they believe it is a Christian Nation. Many U.S. citizens desire the U.S. to become a true Christian Nation. Many U.S. citizens believe the U.S. is already a Christian Nation. There[Continue Reading…]

What about Santa Claus? – Part 3

Yesterday I talked about two posts concerning Christmas. In the second post, Mrs. Black’s post, something caught my eye that made me think about Santa Claus. She wrote: In many homes, the first act of parental betrayal is the lie of Santa Claus…many children go thru a deep depression & anger when they first realize[Continue Reading…]

What about Santa Claus? – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote a testimony about my history and experiences with Santa Claus. Today I would like to talk about two posts I have read concerning Santa Claus and the celebration of Christmas. The first post is by Lindsey over at Enjoy the Journey. The post is called For those of you who don’t “do”[Continue Reading…]

What about Santa Claus? – Part 1

This post will be broken into a two or three part series. I do not really like music all too much. But there are some that I do like. My favorite artists include Pink Floyd and David Bowie. The only Christian music I really respect comes from Andrew Peterson – but honestly I don’t listen[Continue Reading…]

Roman Baptists?

Some of you may have heard of the recent drama at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). For those of you who have not, Rev. Dwight McKissic spoke at their chapel on Tuesday, August 29th. Baptism and the filling of the Holy Spirit was the topic of his sermon. When you are talking about this topic[Continue Reading…]