Jesus Literally Gave a Group of Inebriated People MORE Wine

Before I start, let me say this. You absolutely should not live a life of drunkness. It is bad for your health, it is bad for your family, it is bad for your friendships, it is not what YHWH would want for your life. If you are prone to addiction, you should absolutely, positively abstain[Continue Reading…]

Dipped in Blood

Apparently YHWH and his son, Jesus, are both pro-torture, war mongers. At least, that’s what many Republican Christians want you to believe. In defending the CIA’s use of torture on America’s enemies, they have tried to use the scriptures to support the idea that Jesus himself would have water boarded his America’s enemies. Which is[Continue Reading…]

The Unpaid… err… Good Shepherd – John 10

You all know my stance on vocational pastors. I’ve written about it over the past 6 years here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Not once have I ever noticed what Jesus says about those who shepherd for pay. It wasn’t until a comment I received on my blog last week that left me with[Continue Reading…]

Can the Perfect change and still be Perfect?

A few weeks ago I got into a debate online about whether or not YHWH could change his mind. I presented the few verses that directly indicate that he has changed his mind… Exodus 32:14 – “So the LORD changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people.” This[Continue Reading…]

So You Want Me to Join Your Church?

I am a member of a couple of “closed” communities on Facebook. Closed in the sense that they are “closed” on Facebook, but anyone is welcome to join… they’re more or less considered “safe places” to talk about what we believe. I am not even sure how to describe these groups, other than they are[Continue Reading…]

Words Not Found in Scripture – Worship

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything from the Words Not Found in Scripture series. Recently I was inspired to write a little bit about the word Worship. In today’s Christian circles Worship is usually defined as “singing” or even specifically “corporate singing”. In our modern church meetings we usually have 30[Continue Reading…]

Is the Kingdom Divided?

Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; – Jesus (Matthew 12:25) Does this apply to Jesus’ bride, the church? The church has been divided against itself since before the New Testament letters were written. Don’t believe me, read the letters! Followers of Jesus are definitely not perfect people. We struggle on a daily basis[Continue Reading…]

WWJD? I don’t think you really know…

I had to head to Home Depot to pick up some stuff and I saw this sign…   When I read this I chortled for a good moment. However, as I started to think about this sign, I was deeply saddened. Saddened for the strangers who read this sign and think that Jesus is defined[Continue Reading…]

Hell and The Afterlife… According to the Scriptures

Traditionally speaking, when people talk about Hell, they’re talking about a place where all the bad people go when they die. However, most our understanding of Hell comes from tradition and mistranslations of the Christian scriptures. First, let’s define Hell. According to Google, Hell is defined as… A place regarded in various religions as a[Continue Reading…]

The Second Death, a Permanent Place in Hell?

I am in the midst of writing a post about Christian Universalism (Ultimate Reconciliation). I started to study Revelation 21-22 and hit on some interesting things that I would like to write about here. The term Second Death occurs four times in the scriptures, all of which come from Revelation. The Second Death is described[Continue Reading…]