The Purr…fect Fence – Revisited

In early 2010 we bought a single Purr…fect fence unit. If you don’t remember, I wrote about my experience installing it. Well, we decided it would be a good idea to expand the fence by ordering another single unit. It was a lot more work than I anticipated, I ran into a few problems that[Continue Reading…]

Cat Storm Door

The cats like to go in and out of the house, and they do it very often throughout the day. We decided it would be wise to invest into a pet door that would let them go in and out at their leisure. We had a few options… A storm door with a built-in pet[Continue Reading…]

Homemade Catnip Toy

It is about that time again… I need new socks! As I was sitting on my couch pondering my sock situation, it occurred to me that I could use some of my old unusable socks as catnip toys for the cats. What You Need Old Socks Needle and Thread Cotton Balls Scissors Dried Catnip Instructions[Continue Reading…]

Purr…fect Fence

As you all know, we have seven wonderful cats who are all indoor/outdoor cats. Unfortunately, cats are known to be curious. We’ve had issues with some of our cats disturbing our neighbors. Well Kati and I decided that if we want to keep the peace in our neighborhood, then we are going to have to[Continue Reading…]

Sodding Adventure

We’ve lived in our house for a little over a year now and the back yard was a complete mess. There was hardly any grass, although the developers did “seed” it, most of the seed did not take. We basically had a mud pit for the past year. Mud pits are all fine and good,[Continue Reading…]