Homemade Catnip Toy

It is about that time again… I need new socks! As I was sitting on my couch pondering my sock situation, it occurred to me that I could use some of my old unusable socks as catnip toys for the cats.

What You Need

  • Old Socks
  • Needle and Thread
  • Cotton Balls
  • Scissors
  • Dried Catnip


I started with the toe part of the sock. For my first attempt at the catnip toy, I only cut about 2 inches from the toe. I think 3-4 inches would have been better. If you are not using the toe part, you will have to sew more. After cutting the buttom of the sock off, I filled it with cotton balls. Then I sprinkled some catnip into the sock. I shook it around a bit to make sure the catnip went all around the inside of the toy. Then it is just a matter of sewing the sock shut. I am no master at sewing, so basically I just folded the fabric over itself and sewed it shut. You do not have to be extremely precise… just good enough to keep the inside from getting out.

I was able to get three usable catnip toys from one crew cut sock. I probably could have made four or five, but I did not want to use the heel or the very top of the sock. For the non-toe parts of the sock, I turned the sock inside-out, sewed one end, then turned it inside-in. It is not necessary, but it makes one less ugly seem on the outside when you are finished.

Here was my first attempt:

And the cats seem to be enjoying their new catnip toys :).

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