Why care about the CBF? – Response

David Roach has written an article published at the Baptist Press titled, Why care about the CBF?. Roach describes a recent experience he had when visiting the CBF’s General Assembly. The thesis of his article is that the CBF is still useful to the SBC, not necessarily for the ministry, but as a reminder of[Continue Reading…]

Let The Chips Fall Where They May…

This post is inspired by a recent post of Alan’s from The Assembling of the Church called Grace to be Wrong. Alan’s post is about having the attitude of grace when confronted with people who disagree with us. Since I have begun my journey with Christ, I have learned the importance of adopting this attitude[Continue Reading…]

On Middle Knowledge

There is a theory of knowledge called Middle Knowledge that has been used to combat Determinism. It is used because Determinism, in a way, makes God culpable for sin – for if God caused everything then he caused you to sin. Middle Knowledge steers away from this by affirming libertarian free-will. The theory is such[Continue Reading…]

Roman Baptists?

Some of you may have heard of the recent drama at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). For those of you who have not, Rev. Dwight McKissic spoke at their chapel on Tuesday, August 29th. Baptism and the filling of the Holy Spirit was the topic of his sermon. When you are talking about this topic[Continue Reading…]