Review: The Shack – Conclusion

Challies concludes his review by warning his readers, “That The Shack is a dangerous book should be obvious from this review. . . . I urge you, the reader, to exercise care in reading and distributing this book. . . . Read it only with the utmost care and concern, critically evaluating the book against[Continue Reading…]

Review: The Shack – Trinity

The last section of Challies review is, Trinity: Who is God? He starts of by asking a simple question, “does The Shack teach what the Bible teaches [about the Trinity]?” [11] The simple answer is probably not, because the Bible does not really teach much about the Trinity. However, The Shack does explain the Trinity[Continue Reading…]

Review: The Shack – Salvation

In Challies second, “Salvation – What has Christ Accomplished?” it seems like he is much more concerned with Young not presenting the gospel precise enough than he is concerned that Young is wrong. I think Challies misses the point of the book entirely. Young may not have been as exact as he could have been,[Continue Reading…]

Review: The Shack – Revelation

In Challies’ review of The Shack he takes issue with how Young presents God’s revelation to mankind. Challies actually commits the Hasty Generalization fallacy when he says, “Christians hold to the belief that the Bible is the only infallible source of God’s revelation to us.” [7] Although it is true that some Christians hold to[Continue Reading…]

Review: The Shack – Subversion

Challies review is broken into several sections. The first four sections are an introduction of The Shack, a summary of the The Shack, a discussion of how fact vs. fiction plays into the argument, and finally the importance of theology (read, proper theology). I am not going to delve into those sections, I am more[Continue Reading…]

Review: The Shack – My Thoughts

There are two types of people in this world. The people who loved The Shack and the people who hated The Shack. The Shack was written by William Paul Young and is available from Amazon for 8.99$. I read this book a few months ago and had planned on writing a review but never got[Continue Reading…]