Well classes started yesterday. I am taking four classes this semester, than hopefully I will be graduating in December. I plan on applying for the MDIV program here at Southeastern but I am still praying about and it trying to seek God’s will.

These are the classes I am taking this semester:
American History I: Pre-1887 – This class is being taught by Dr. Aucoin. He is one of my favorite teachers in the college. I love the way he lectures and teaches. The only problem with this class is the new format. The school changed how many history classes are taught, they use to break up American History into four classes, now it is the normal two classes that you normally see in colleges. Because of this we have to read a textbook and have weekly quizzes. The past two history classes I took with Dr. Aucoin we had to read regular books and had to write research papers or book reviews. Believe it or not, I would much rather do the latter. I need/want as much reading/writing experience as possible. Anyways, that is not a huge deal, I will be writing in my other classes and this class will be good regardless.

Foundations of Youth Ministry – Dr. Reynolds is teaching this class. He has a blogspot blog at Guardian Ministries. To be perfectly honest, I am only taking this class to fulfill my Ministry requirement. They offered two this semester and this was the best of the two. Basically I disagree with the whole premise of Youth Ministry, but I am not going to get into that today, perhaps another day-another blog. Even though I may disagree with some of his theology, Dr. Reynolds seems like a really nice guy. It sounds like he is realy going to encourage discussion in the class room. Hopefully I can be sound-minded enough to pose questions that will really challenge the other students in the class and make them think about their own position concerning this topic. I do not really care if I sway people to “my side” of the argument, I just care that people are looking for biblical answers to the question.

Logic – This class is being taught be Dr. Ladd. He seems like a nice guy, kind of goofy (in a good way). This class fulfills an elective for me. I think I will really enjoy this class because I love logic. Hopefully we will not be spending too much time the beginner stuff; I already have some experience with logic from my computer science background, from taking philosophy courses, and from reading. I know a lot of the semester will be spent talking about the different types of formal and informal fallacies. I really look forward to that because I am definitely lacking in that knowledge.

Early Pauline Epistles – This class is being taught by Prof. Gravely. I had never taken him, but he seems like he will be good. He is a lot younger than I was expecting when I walked into the class and the class is a lot more full than I was expecting. I am pretty excited about working on the exegesis paper that will be do. We will have to write a paper concerning a topic of interest found in one of Paul’s early epistles. I have no idea what I am going to write about, but I am excited for it.

So I guess that is what my semester will look like. I am excited about my classes they are all going to be good and the professors will be great. Gary and I are still working out, we had to move our schedules all around to get the gym in. I still pretty excited about going to the gym. I love working out and Gary has made an excellent gym partner.

I think that is about it. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Talk to you later,

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