Woe… MAN!

Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed offers some interesting commentary concerning the equality of Man and Woman from creation for “ministry.” In his post called Women in Ministry: Made for Mutuality he writes seven points of mutuality, the sixth is:

Sixth, many contend that the “curse” of Genesis 3 indicates that the woman is submit to her husband. Wait a minute, I say (with many others).

1. The word “curse” is used only of the serpent and the ground; neither the Adam nor the Eve are said to be cursed.
2. The impact of the Fall on the Eve seems to be multiply her efforts — she not only gives childbirth but she toils alongside the Adam.
3. Most importantly, the so-called curse deserves a different reading. Here is Gen 3:16:
To the woman he said,

“ Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

Here’s the million dollar question: Is this a prediction of “fact” or a demand for order? Is this how things “will be” or how things “should be”? I suggest the former — this is how males will manifest themselves in sin and how females will manifest themselves in sin.

What are the answers to these questions? Do 1 Corinthians 11 or Ephesians 5 play any part in interpreting Genesis 3? If so, are the against Scot’s interpretation of Genesis 3, do they agree with his interpretation, or are they completely unrelated?

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