The Journey

Currently there are a lot of Christians that are on The Journey. I call it the journey because I know of no other name to call it. It seems to be a widespread, yet small, movement of Christians shedding the snake skin of religion and walking in their shameful nakedness toward a closer relationship with God.

Wayne Jacobsen from Lifestream wrote a post called, When He Begins to Open Your Eyes, where he discusses an email he received from a lady who has recently started the journey.

Suddenly she’s finding that she doesn’t want to sit through all the meetings and finding them an “ugly weight” rather than a joy. But she feels guilty if she thinks about not going. She is realizing that although she goes in hopes of encountering God, it rarely happens there and yet she still has wonderful friends there.

I do not think her testimony is very different from others on this very same journey. There is definitely something scary about forsaking the comforts of religion and putting our trust in God – but as Wayne ends his post, it is God who promised us Life!

Thank you Wayne for sharing this story.

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  1. Well, I am on the journey as well. It’s peaceful, but a little unsettling in that I have no idea what is around the corner. But it’s peaceful and freeing, nonetheless …



  2. Lew-
    This post is right on time. As one who is on the journey it’s good to find that I’m (we’re) not alone.

    Thanks for the link to lifestream.

    Be blessed…

  3. Lew,

    This give me a lot to think about… especially the guilt that I allow other people to place on me. Thank you for linking to this.


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