Ordaining a Pastor

The other day I was listening to some preaching on the radio. The preacher made an off-handed comment about ordaining a pastor. From what I know, there are a couple common traits found in an ‘ordination ceremony.’

  • There is an examination period, to find out whether or not the person has a biblical understanding of scripture… or at least an understanding that fits with their traditional understanding of scripture.
  • If you pass the examination then there is a ordination ceremony where the committee (or Church) affirms your understanding of God’s call for your life. This sometimes includes a laying on of hands and prayer.

Question: Does being ordained, make you a pastor? If so, how do you explain the ordained pastor who paid for the abortion for a prostitute he impregnated? If not, what makes a pastor and why the formality of an ordination ceremony?

Also, who is doing the ordaining? Man or God?

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