Roman Baptists…

A few months ago, I cleverly (he says with a hint of sarcasm) coined the term “Roman Baptists” in a post aptly named Roman Baptists?

Well, apparently I am not the only person who has started to see connections between the Roman Catholics of Old and the Southern Baptists of New.

Ben Cole over at Baptist Blogger has written an interesting series of posts in which he discusses the “Roman Baptist Convention.” In this series, Ben reflects on Roman Catholicism and trends in Southern Baptist life. He points out some very obvious connections, of which Southern Baptists should not be too comfortable acknowledging.

Although I do not always agree with Ben’s tactics, I do recommend you read this series in particular:
The Roman Baptist Convention???
Roman Baptist Convention, Pt. 2
Roman Baptist Convention, Pt. 3
Roman Baptist Convention, Pt. 4

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  1. Lew,

    Thank you for your post. I’m glad to see both yours and Ben’s posts. For years I have been speaking and writing about what I call Neo-Roman Catholicism, which has affected most of the evangelical church scene Down Under.

    As do most, Baptists have relinquished their God given responsibility to be good Bereans, and allow their “popes”, “bishops” and “archbishops” to speak with total authority. This magesterium decides; and the congregations accede. Sadly there are many who claim to be teaching elders who love the situation. Congregations and individuals who don’t accede are regarded as rebellious. The consequence is that there are now congregations who have lost the ability to be Bereans, and their meetings are only a rubber stamp for magisterial decisions.

  2. Lew,
    I’ve been reading Baptistblogger for a few months now. I agree, his tactics can be interesting at times, but it’s always a good read…or laugh.

    This year’s convention meeting should be very interesting to say the least…


  3. Aussie John

    What is most interesting about the Neo-Roman Catholicism, is that it is almost totally anti-Catholic, but still very Catholic.

    That probably doesn’t make sense… so to clarify: If you asked a Catholic what they thought about this evangelical trend, they would not agree that it was “Neo-Roman Catholic.” At the same time, if you were to ask an evangelical what they thought about this trend,t hey would be offended at the title :).


    Yeah, Cole has some good articles and interesting insights from time to time. That is pretty much the only reason I continue to read him. Although I usually have to mentally prepare myself so I do not became bitter towards those he speaks against.

    I look forward to seeing what happens at the next few conventions.

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    God’s Glory,

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