This past semester, Dr. Greenham shared with his Christian Missions class a testimony from The Torn Veil: The Story of Sister Gulshan Esther as told to Thelma Sangster with Noble Din Interpreter. This quote is actually taken from Dr. Greenham’s disertation Muslim conversions to Christ: an investigation of Palestinian converts living in the Holy land – Page 58-59.

I hope you enjoy it, I did.

Perhaps the most striking testimony of all is that of another Pakistani woman, Gulshan Esther. She was crippled from infancy and for years sought healing in vain. Following her father’s death, she desperately called out to God, beginning truly to “talk to Him, not as a Muslim does, using set prayers, approaching Him across a great gulf. Driven by a vast emptiness inside I prayed as if talking to One who knew my circumstances and my need.” Her prayer led to a number of remarkable encounters. She heard a low voice saying he was Jesus son of Mary, and that she should read about him in the Qur’an. She did so, and “began to believe that what was written about Jesus was true — that he did miracles, was alive — and that he could heal [her].” She felt more and more drawn to Jesus and prayed to him repeatedly.

Very early one morning, after desperately asking Jesus to heal her or tell her if he could not, a light filled the darkened room and she became aware ofthe presence of twelve figures, led by another, brighter and larger than the rest. She relates the encounter as follows:

“Oh God,” I cried, and the perspiration broke out on my forehead. I bowed my head and I prayed. “Oh God, who are these people, and how have they come here when all the windows and doors are shut?”

Suddenly a voice said, “Get up. This is the path you have been seeking. I am Jesus Son of Mary, to whom you have been praying, and now I am standing in front of you. You get up and come to me.”

I started to weep. “Oh Jesus, I’m crippled. I can’t get up.”

He said, “Stand up and come to me. I am Jesus.”

When I hesitated he said it a second time. Then as I still doubted he said for the third time, “Stand up.”

And I, Gulshan Fatima, who had been crippled on my bed for nineteen years, felt new strength flowing into my wasted limbs. I put my foot on the ground and stood up. Then I ran a few paces and fell at the feet of the vision. I was bathing in the purest light and it was burning as bright as the sun and moon together. The light shone into my heart and into my mind and many things became clear to me at that moment.

What seems very clear is she was miraculously healed and transformed. After the vision she began walking up and down in her room, reciting the Lord’s Prayer, which she had received shortly before in her illumination encounter.

The sound of her movement alarmed her aunt, who assumed someone had entered her room, as Esther couldn’t walk. Opening the door, the aunt had to come to terms with the reality of her healing. Although she and the other relatives were delighted with Esther’s physical transformation, they did not appreciate the credit she gave Jesus. Her relationship with her family deteriorated and at one point she had a gun put to her head. Nevertheless, after leaving home permanently, she engaged in a ministry of testifying “to the power of God to reach people who are behind the veil of Islam.”


  1. Lew,
    That’ll stretch the “Baptist box”! LOL!

    We have some friends that are missionaries to a predominantly Muslim people group in Africa. They tell us of people that come to faith in Christ after they see and hear Jesus in their dreams. Great testimony! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Brandon,

    Yeah, I have heard several stories of these kinds of supernatural encounters happening over the pond. I find these testimonies very intriguing.

    Thanks for the comment.

    God’s Glory,

  3. Gulshan Esther is amazing! Praise god. Here is a simple way to reach Muslims:

    Is the Koran God’s word?,

    The Koran is based on ‘revelation’ received by only one man, Prophet Mohammed.

    Who was this prophet Mohammed?

    He was a sincere seeker of God who preferred to go to caves to meditate thinking that God would reveal Himself to him.

    What was the source of this revelation?

    There are two sources of revelation, one from almighty God and the other from His enemies who try to keep humans under sin and away from a real loving relationship with God.

    We are taught that God revealed the Koran to Mohammed?

    If the revelation indeed came from the living almighty God who revealed Himself in the Bible, how could He contradict Himself in the Koran? How could God deny the only way He had to reconcile us to Himself?

    If we follow the Koran can’t we come close to God?

    The Koran only gives rules to make a man appear good from the outside. It can never make a person holy. It has no way to save us from the guilt, power and consequences of Sin. We have a tendency to sin, disobey God and His laws. The law has only one purpose, to reveal to man what is Sin and what is right and wrong.

    What is the punishment for sin?

    Isaiah 59:2 Your sins have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you.

    Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death.

    DO NOT BE DECEIVED! “Death” does not mean you cease to exist! After physical death our spirit lives on forever. Romans 6:23 is talking about spiritual death

    How can we pay the price for our sins then?

    No one can pay the price for our own sins. Left to ourselves and to our own religions and their ways, we would all perish. Before God our efforts to pay for our sins are like dirty rags.

    Then who can save us?

    Only God knows us best. He has provided a way out for those who really wish to be free from Sin. God did for us what we could never do for ourselves.

    Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God–not because of works, lest any man should boast.

    What is this grace?

    Grace is found only in the Bible. There is no concept of a merciful loving God who has paid the price for our sins by Himself in the Koran. Jesus Christ the sinless man was the only one who could fulfil Gods price, the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all those who believe in Him.

    How can God take on human form?

    Why not? Who are we to limit God?

    How did Jesus pay for my sins?

    He was the only human who lived a sinless life. God demanded a perfect sinless life to be given up as the price for Sin. He paid the price for your sins and mine by giving up his own life at the age of 33 on the cross by crucifixion. In my place, He died so that I may live. Praise God!

    I was taught that Jesus did not die on the cross?

    Why would anyone teach you that unless they want you to reject God’s only way out from sin and death for you? If Jesus did not die, and if He did not come alive again on the third day, there remains no other way out for us humans to escape the guilt, power and consequences of sin. Also, obviously ten disciples of Jesus and countless martyr’s would not have given up their life to defend a lie.

    Why did God let Jesus die?

    That is how much God loves us, dear friend. There was no reason for God to die for us. That is called God’s grace. If you wish to believe it then you are welcome.

    How can God be defeated like a weak person?

    What a human mind considers weakness or defeat was the greatest victory ever. Jesus Christ came alive on the third day to the surprise of His disciples, defeating death and Sin on behalf of all of us.

    “I don’t claim to be perfect, but I really haven’t done anything really evil. How can I repent?”

    God hates sin — all sin. Even a single lie makes us a liar, is it not? God considers it sin. We are all sinners.

    God sent Jesus (Yeshua) to save us from our sins by His death and resurrection. Romans 5:8 God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 4:25 He died for our sins and rose again to make us right with God.
    You can accept Jesus (Yeshua) as your Lord and Savior only by repenting of your sins, believing in Him, and being baptized in His name for the remission of your sins. Romans 10:9 If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

    Acts 2:38 Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    What are the steps needed for me to be sure of my salvation then?

    You need to accept that you are a sinner, and really repent of your sins…and believe with all your heart that Jesus has died for your sins. God will forgive you and make you a new Creation born of the Spirit. He will give you the deep assurance in your heart. There is no other way.

    What if I do not wish to believe in Jesus Christ?

    If you have not accepted Jesus before you physically die, God will ask you how you have paid for the sins you have committed and since you cannot meet God’s demand, He will have to sadly give you the punishment which He has declared, and you will go in the Lake of Fire after the great White Throne Judgment where your sins are read out before you.

    God will never force you to accept Jesus, but who would not choose to believe in God’s free gift which only costs us our pride and desire to sin?

    God will ask you why you did not believe that Jesus died and came alive again. What will you answer? Please let us know.

  4. I appreciate all the comments. I have also gone through Gulshan’s story. As I am also a Pakistani man, I read it with great interest. However, when I met Pakistani Christian friends to discuss her with them, I was shocked to know that none of them knew her, which was unbelievable for me as this was a not an ordinary story and it was impossible that the Christian community of Pakistan have no information about her….

    Later I got Gulshan’s postal address in UK and wrote her a detail letter in which I asked her some questions about her conversion and beliefs.. She did not answer me. I cannot say whether she received my letter or not…

    To me its a fabricated story.

  5. Shahid,

    I cannot say that this story is fabricated or not. If it is, it doesn’t change that I think God can and does communicate to people in this way. If it isn’t fabricated, than great.

    In my personal opinion, fabricating this story just doesn’t make sense. From a Christian perspective, it is wrong. From a Muslim perspective, why would someone choose to be persecuted for a fabrication?

    Thanks for commenting.

    God Speed,

  6. The book ‘Torn Veil’ is a ‘Fiction’ in testimonial form. There are many contradictions and inconsistencies compared to the ‘only’ video purported to be Gulshan’s testimony (1999, in English to a French audience):

    1) Book: Jesus’ miraculous healing occurred in January 1972
    – 2004 edition by Zondervan, p.44 – her father died on 28 December, 1968; p.58 – she then prayed ‘three’ years for healing; p.63 – the healing vision took place on a January morning.

    Video: Jesus’ healing vision was in January 1971.

    2) Book: She did not ask anyone else but a man driving a horse-driven tongo to help her find the Christian with the Bible, p.75-76.

    Video: Her teacher she visited helped her find the Christian.

    3) Book: Her brother phoned her in 1990 about some important news. She went back immediately to be told about his death and coming back to life, p.151.

    Video: Her brother phoned her in 1991 about all these.

    4) The video account ‘added’ tremendous amount of Jesus’ words and visional contents not mentioned in the book, such as ‘I saved you from your sin’, ‘I give you salvation eternal life’, throne visions, figure of God the Father, and what not, babbling these words out with no credibility of being an authentic report at all! It is like listening to a mental if not only to a paid-impostor hiding behind a pair of sunglasses for a Confession as well as a further sale promotion! It reminded readers of the blind children at the Christian school described in the book.

    Here are some books by the author named Thelma Sangster, posted as an alias:

    1984 – ‘Torn Veil’, with Gulshan Esther, Marshall Pickering Publishing.
    1984 – ‘I want you to get up out of your seat’, Kingsway Communications.
    1985 – ‘Skating on Thin Ice’, with Ann Terry, Marshall Pickering.
    1987 – ‘Secret Rose’, with Norma Symonds, HarperCollins Distribution.

    Evidently Thelma Sangster is a fiction writer. The book was never presented seriously as an authentic documentation of a World Savior’s Manifestation anyway. Apparently the story was turned into a credible narrative by the words of many ready-believers and others with various motives. There are similar unbelievable texts and audios of Jesus encounters on the websites, such as by the names of Bernada Fernandez,
    Janet Balderas Canela, and Paulu a Burma Buddhist.

    This is like an ironic testimony on how the Gospel Stories might have spread so rapidly from the beginning 2000 years ago, besides possible miraculous events.

  7. continue interrupted comment:

    This is like an ironic testimony on how the Gospel Stories were spread so rapidly from the beginning 2000 years ago, besides possible miraculous events, oppressive historical circumstances, and the temple destruction(70 A.D.). For truly mystical religious accounts, there are nevertheless many available to examine, such as about the stigmatic Padre Pio, sister Faustina of the Divine Mercy Diary, and visionary Choo Thomas, to name a few from the last century.

  8. Can I check with Simon – how do you say that book the Torn veil is fictional writing? Not sure I follow how you deduced that from a video (which may or may not be authentic) presenting slightly differing details to the book. When you say ‘Apparently the story was turned…’, what exactly is behind ‘apparently’?

    Also Shahid, how and what did you get hold of as Gulshan Esther’s postal address, and when did you write to her/ask your friends about her?

  9. I became muslim when i read her story . She confirmed that jesus called himself son of Mary and not son of God. and Jesus told her to read the version of his story in the quran which proves that he recognises the truth of the quran. see her quote below: ” She heard a low, gentle voice say, “I won’t let you die. I will keep you alive. I am Jesus, son of Mary.” Her prayer led to a number of remarkable encounters. She heard a low voice saying he was Jesus son of Mary, and that she should read about him in the Qur’an. She did so, and “began to believe that what was written about Jesus was true — that he did miracles, was alive — and that he could heal [her].” She felt more and more drawn to Jesus and prayed to him repeatedly. Suddenly a voice said, “Get up. This is the path you have been seeking. I am Jesus Son of Mary, to whom you have been praying, and now I am standing in front of you. You get up and come to me.” I started to weep. “Oh Jesus, I’m crippled. I can’t get up.” He said, “Stand up and come to me. I am Jesus.” When I hesitated he said it a second time. Then as I still doubted he said for the third time, “Stand up.” And I, Gulshan Fatima, who had been crippled on my bed for nineteen years, felt new strength flowing into my wasted limbs. I put my foot on the ground and stood up. Then I ran a few paces and fell at the feet of the vision. I was bathing in the purest light and it was burning as bright as the sun and moon together. The light shone into my heart and into my mind and many things became clear to me at that moment”

  10. To micael – you became a Muslim after you read the story? How did you sincerely manage that? Did you not read immediately after your quoted passage that Jesus said he is ‘Immanuel (which means ‘God with us’ as Gulshan later explains), the way, the truth, and the life (you can find in John 14:6)’ – which is a Christian understanding of Jesus, not Islamic? Also did you not read that afterwards Jesus taught her the Lord’s prayer (which affirms God the Father) and showed her a way to find a copy of a Bible to read about himself in (which is very dangerous and difficult in Pakistan)? Jesus simply used the Quran as a tool to guide Gulshan towards Himself since if he told Gulshan to read the Bible 1st she never would have done due to her strict Islamic upbring, but eventually directed to His truth in the Bible. Surely if you’ve read the book you’ll realise that the victory that Gulshan achieved in her life is by leaving her Islamic faith despite all the persecution and putting on Christ and enduring with Him as he provided for her (and then even revealed himself to her brother and sister). Not sure how you managed the opposite.

    1. Hi Micael & DC,

      I have to agree with DC on this one, Micael… I don’t quite understand how a testimony of someone becoming a Christ follower convinced you to become a Muslim.

      God Speed,

  11. About 5 months ago(in June) I posted some comment here pointing out some obvious Contradictions and Implausibility of the Gulshan Video’s story and its source “Torn Veil”, a paperback written by Thelma Sangster, 1st edition 1984, about 150 pages.

    Recently I received some emails by the name M.A. Sangster, saying the author Thelma Sangster was her mother, and the name was NOT an alias, as posted on previous comment according to (a website on books for children and young adults), which posted ‘Thelma Sangster’ under the heading ‘Aliases’.

    Details of her comments and my book review can be accessed directly on, at

    There was nothing to substantiate the Incredible Gulshan Story, as expected. All we have is merely a small paperback (republished many times in many languages), and a video presented as the only testimony which, on the contrary, uttered many contradictions and discrepancies to the book’s version. This fabulous story simply has NO credibility at all as a genuine report of any authentic supernatural events.

    How was such an unbelievable story transformed into beliefs by so many as a biography or even autobiograghy ?! Ones would guess that it was like a replicated process of how various biblical stories and make-believes were spread in the past, beginning from some MERE words and plays on human psychology, but nowadays under also an intricate Hi-Tech Network Machination and Politico-Economic-Religious System.

    Here ones are reminded that even verifiable authentic experiences, such as visions or voices, are not automatical proof of any objective reality of their contents (i.e., whether what you saw or heard exist outside yourself, and what they are exactly), or their sources (i.e., how they came about, how they were generated), e.g., near-death experiences of afterlife, past-lives experiences, visions or apparitions of any figures (deceased, alive, legendary, or mythical), extraordinary sky phenomena, and the like ….. There are many reasonable, legitimate questionings and plausible explanations to all these.

  12. Did they tell you how i became Muslim.I became muslim by reading gulshan Esther’s testimony about Jesus telling her to read the Quran and that’s what i did and eventually became a muslim. Muslim means submission to the will of the creator. Jesus submitted his will to his Creator therefore he is a submitter. You go through the bible and look for the word Christianity and see whether this religion is mentioned in the bible. How can a religion be sent on earth without its Creator mentioning its name at all. If Jesus were to come back to day he will have to go and get a degree in divinity to learn how to lead the congregation in Prayer as the whole system has changed. His religion was the same as Moses and he preached the old testament . He will have to embrace Pauline Christianity to be christian. If he comes he will have to undergo surgery to undo the circumcision that was done on him as required by mosaic laws. If he had to be sacrificed to save humanity, how was people prior to his arrival saved from the original sin?Thus it would mean that the Creator changed his method of salvation and deprived many of His salvation in the past.

    Shalom , salaam, peace

    May our Creator save us all.

  13. Hi Mukhtar,

    You ask, “How can a religion be sent on earth without its Creator mentioning its name at all”

    I feel this is a logical inconsistency. Why is the name of a religion the requirement for a religion to exist? Further, throughout the scripture we find that God desires a relationship… all of scriptures are about our relationship with him. Not about a name “religion”.

    Further, I agree that today’s “religion” does not closely match what Jesus taught us to do. But this does not affect the Scriptures or God himself, it is merely a testament of our poor choices and missteps in our attempts to follow him.

    I believe you have at least one other logical inconsistency, and it is two fold. Your concern is that God changed his method of salvation from the Old Testament to the New. Your first inconsistency is arrive when one realizes that Jesus himself submitted to God, and proclaimed that he was the way of salvation. Not only was he THE way of salvation, but he was always the way of salvation… he was God’s plan, perfected. So, if he did submit to God, he surely would not have told others that the way of salvation had changed (unless of course it hadn’t actually changed).

    The “second” fold of your logical inconsistency, is that Jesus who himself proclaimed to be the way, the truth, and the light, would then share with Esther another, newer way to salvation — through the Quran.

    In other words, I do not feel you can complain that the way of salvation was changed from the Old Testament to the New Testament in one breath, and then use Jesus as an example for a different way of salvation from the Quran.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  14. A short testimony what God has done for me.
    Jesus Christ appeared to me on several occasions. the 1st time was when I was in distress after trying to commit suicide and I cried out for peace and i woke up reciting the Our Father and I found a peace beyond all understanding.
    2nd time when i was in pain and Jesus came and kept me in His arms and said that I am His child and no harm will befall me,even though there are those who will rise up against me and my faith.
    3rd time when He told me of the promises for me and my family.Sometimes I hear an audble voice sometime the Holy Spirit speak to me.

    Today I boast in Lord.Yes I am saved, delivered and set free for 8 years. I am a child of God; I am the apple of God’s eye. I am worthy, I am beautiful and I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

    I give God all the Glory, the Praise and lift His Holy Name up high for He has done Great things in my life.
    He has set me free and given me liberty.
    Today reflecting back on what Jesus did for me I feel, I just want to share a few things.
    He saved me from 3 suicidal attempts. (He has a plan for my life) Jeremiah 29;11
    He healed me from my 15years of agonising back problems (till today never had pain again) Deuteronomy 7:15 / Jeremiah 30:17
    He gave me peace, joy beyond anything I can imagine. The Lord Jesus has changed my life, given me hope for the future. Having Jesus in my life has showed me what true freedom/ and liberty is all about. I learned to love without conditions or judging others. I’ve learned not to speak or gossip about others but to LOVE and PRAY.
    I’ve learned to give and serve others like Jesus came to do. It is not about me but the image/character of Christ in Me and by His Holy Spirit.
    I’ve learned that it is not about a religion or follow religious ways but to HAVE a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ our Father in Heaven.
    He has carried me through storms and valleys but He said in His word that you will go through trials and tribulations. 1 Peter 5:10, James 1:12
    But Jesus and He can give you peace and joy through all the trials. Romans 12:12, Romans 5;3
    Jesus Christ was always there by my side, His Word says that He will never leave you not will He forsake you.
    He was there when I cried for my family who rejected me, He was there when I struggled with finances, he was there when I had issues in my marriage and He was there when my son left home after 17 years. He was always there to carry me daily, gave me brothers and sisters in Christ who stood by me, feed me and my family, guide and help me with the issues in my marriage, gave me peace above all understanding when my son left. (I stood on His promise that you and my family shall serve the Lord) Praise God My son is back home.
    My life without the Lord Jesus means nothing. He is my helper in time of need; He is my refuge and my salvation.
    He has blessed me with a wonderful, caring husband that love and accepted my children and now even my grandchild and her mom. Yes we had our issues like any married couple but he stand by me, provide for our family and serve the Lord faithfully. I could not have asked for a better husband.
    Yes God has blessed me with a grandchild and even a daughter in Christ who is such a blessing to and joy to us.
    By the grace of God I will continue to serve the Lord with all my heart and soul. I don’t know about you.
    Remember Jesus is the way. What He can do for me, He can do for you. All you have to do is ask Him to be a part of your life.
    Please read the scriptures in your bible… it is God’s promises for you and I and it helped me through my valleys and blessings.
    My own brothers and sisters still rejects me but I am so thankful to the Lord for all the wonderful people, family and friends who is a part of my life and who has touched my life in one way or the other.
    May the Lord God Almighty bless and protect them.

  15. Hi,
    It is absolutely wrong for us to judge that prophet Jesus is greater than prophet Muhammad or prophet Muhammad is greater than Jesus. God gave different qualities to all of the prophet, for example God talk to prophet Moses, but now we can not say that God loves the Moses most and God made him king, because he talked to him, All the prophets were sent by God with the same massage. It is people who decided to divide them in different religious groups, God did not sent different massage for christens, and different massage for Muslims.
    I as a Muslim respect Jesus as much as I do for my own prophet Muhammad, and for all the other prophets, because Quran tells about different prophet with all the respect.
    God says in quran that Jews were making plan against Jesus, but Allah successfully got him out from that place, and jews got misconception that they put him on cross, in actual they put someone like him to cross.
    God saved jesus, as he saved all the other prophets when people used to make plans against them.
    Also in Quran Allah says no one would carry the burden of other’s sins, and on the day of judgement all would be responsible for what they have done here.
    It doesn’t make sense that Jesus died for people sins, no he did not, because Allah do justice, and justice doesn’t say that one should die because other sins.

  16. No one can prove there is GOD. Because human will always find reason not to believed. The point is, We can only prove GOD when we experienced it. Just like Goshan, Even how many books She will published regarding her conversion it will still be not enough. How can people believed even Jesus Christ Himself claiming He was the son of GOD and died on the cross for our cause and yer his own people disbelieved. No wonder Goshan’s inspirational story rejected by her fellowmen.

    I Dont have a religion, But i Have GOD and the bible I even have Quran in Tagalog. They are closely similar anyway. They differ only Jesus.

    To make my comment short. We have to work for our own salvation. I have faith that through Jesus, GOD show HIS mercy on me.

  17. Hi All,

    Holy Bible says “Whosoever shall believe on Lord Jesus Christ will be saved”. That’s all & nothing else. If we believe from the bottom of our heart, we will do what Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God commanded.

    We are saved by His grace through faith and not by our works. Salvation is a gift of God.

    The Salvation is a gift of God by believing in Lord Jesus Christ and neither we can add anything nor substract anything from that. The salvation for us is only through the sacrifice on the cross by Lord Jesus Christ.

    If we repent for our sins from the bottom of our hearts, ask Lord Jesus Christ to be our Lord, Saviour & Friend and accept Him to come into our hearts, and believe on Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross and rose again on the third day and confess with our mouth, we are saved, delivered, healed and enjoy eternal life here in earth & thereafter……The blood of Lord Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins. Afterwards, we get immersion baptism in water in the name of Father, Son & Holy Spirit as a believer of Lord Jesus Christ, we become His disciples and live holy throgh the power of Holy Spirit as per The Word of God which is the Holy Bible. Holy Spirit indwells in us & seals us from the time we are saved and he will guide us in everything….

    “Salvation belongeth unto the Lord – Psalm 3:8. Salvation is of the Lord – Jonah 2:9”

    Its very simple truth. Lord Jesus Christ said in St. John 6:44, No man can come to me except the Father which hath sent me draw him.

    The Father have to draw everyone of us to come to Lord Jesus Christ. No man can draw anyone to Lord Jesus Christ! but only he can witness about his experiences. Unless everyone experiences the truth, it is difficult to understand.

    St. John 8:32 says “If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free”.

    Unless we find the truth, we cannot understand. The truth is in a person called Lord Jesus Christ. He said, I am The way, The Truth & The Life. (Not “A” way, “A” Truth & “A” Life).

    The Holy Bible says in Acts 4:12, Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    The name given to mankind is “Lord Jesus Christ” only.

    Lord Jesus Christ Loves You Abundantly & Unconditionally!

    With Love & Prayers,
    Child of God

  18. I just read this book(April 2012),
    even it was in my room for over 5 years.
    Wow! What a faith!

  19. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. No matter how worthless we are, He still loves us.He who is not rooted in faith will easily be misguided. If we have truly experienced Christ, not a thing in the world can affect our faith. I love my JESUS and I am sure nothing can separate me from His love. JESUS, JESUS, YOU ARE ALL I NEED. I LOVE YOU LORD.

  20. Hello,

    If anyone has a contact information for Gulshan Esther, please let me know.



  21. i want to request a prayer.

    To sister Gulshan.

    I have a brother who was paralyzed below the waist 27 years.
    please,please pray for my brother. name Patric.

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