Quote of the Yesterday

We use GMAIL for our main email. There is tons of space, great spam filters, and we can access it any place that has the internet. On the top of GMAIL there are different customizable things that can display called “WebClips.” They consiste of news headlines, recipes, word of the day, tips, etc.

I usually tend to ignore them but every once-and-a-while I will scroll through them to see if there is anything worth looking at. Well yesterday one happened to catch my eye. It was a “Quote of the Day” and it was from our brother Martin Luther!

If you do not know who Martin Luther is, he is pretty much the man who made the protestant reformation popular (you know, that thing that happened 500 years ago and why we don’t call ourselves Catholic). You may have hear of his 95 Thesis nailed to the Wittenburg Door? If not, go rent the movie Luther. Apart from his “achievements,” Luther is known for being one weird fellow.

This was yesterday’s quote of the day:
“Who loves not wine, women, and song, remains a fool his whole life long.” – Martin Luther

And all God’s children said?

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