Question of the Week – #3

Why do we collect tithes and offerings, solemnly, and in fancy plates?

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  1. To pay for our stuff. The shiny plates make us feel holy while we’re doing it.


  2. So there’s a place in the service for the choir to sing and the pastor to get his sermon notes in order. The shiny plates distract the people from the transitions taking place.

  3. Because “God loveth a solemn giver.”

    And the shiny plates are because the church is the descendent of Solomon’s temple, and all of the stuff in his temple was made out of solid gold. Why would we use anything less fancy?

  4. Because otherwise, nobody would give us money.

    – Tithes and Offerings: because this means God told you to pay off the mortgage on this building.

    – Solemly: because fraud and theft are mo laughing matter?

    – In Fancy Plates: because as we all know, Jesus said to perform your acts of righteousness before men, and to make it obvious to your left hand (not to mention the person seated to your left) what your right hand is doing.

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