Question of the Week – #4

If accepting Jesus is shown by a public proclamation, why do we have to bow our heads and close our eyes when it is “decision” time?

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  1. Lew,

    I have a better question: Why is this question #7? What happened to 4-6? Are you trying to cheat us out of our questions?

    Answer to your question: Because the preacher or evangelist doesn’t want us to see that there really isn’t someone raising their hand when he says, “I see that hand”.


  2. Ha ha! I like that Alan! My answer to the question is that yes it is a public decision, but it does not have to be. I have known many people who have made their decision to give their hearts and lives to Christ and to follow Him from the comfort of their own living room or their kitchen. And the decision was completely between them and their Lord. The public part of the decision is what happens afterward. In the act of obedience to be baptized, and the manner in which they live their lives out as a “new creation.”

  3. Alan

    Oops! I have a list of these questions all ready to go with their potential dates already set… I accidentally picked the top of the list (which is #7 for now)…


    Yeah, I was actually saved in the comfort of my own bed very late at night.

    Thanks for the comments,

  4. We should have everyone close their eyes when we do baptisms too. That would be wicked awesome! You only think you got saved at your house. If you didn’t walk the aisle then you’re not really saved. You have to be saved by a true church, you can’t just do it under your own authority.

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