On Fire!

From time to time I hear about people who are “On Fire for Jesus!” Recently I heard a sermon about how we should check ourselves to see if we are the type of Christian God has called us to be. He used the example of a counterfeit bill. He said that bankers are trained to look and know what a real bill looks like, that way they can easily spot a fake one. Building on this example he moved to the four types of people in a church. I will give them backwards…

Fourth, the lost person who is just visiting.

Third, this person is not saved, but is on the role. This person believes they are saved, but they really aren’t.

Second, this person is saved, but not On Fire for Christ. At one time he may have been On Fire for Christ, but got burnt out, or something.

First, this person is On Fire for Christ. This person is involved in many programs, he is in the building whenever it is open, there is something different about his life. The speaker spent most of his time on this person, because he was the “genuine” Christian, like the real money the banker would study.

The point was for us to consider ourselves and ask ourselves, do we look like the genuine “On First for Christ” Christian or do we look like one of the counterfeits?

Personally I did not fall into the “On Fire for Christ” category. But for some reason I felt like the “On Fire for Christ” person is not really as “On Fire” as some people think.

What do you think about these categories? Do you agree/disagree?

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  1. Lew,

    According to this fellows four point plan, I must be a total waste of time.
    I don’t fit any of his points. Pity the poor folk who listen to his guilt tripping messages.

  2. I’ve heard this illustration many times, and I don’t think that bucket holds any water. I know people who fit the preacher’s description of on fire who probably fall into category number 3.

  3. I think the problem is more fundmental than the language of “on fire.” It just goes back to the problem with the notion that going to “church” and doing “churchy” type stuff makes you a good Christian although the “on fire” language is really kinda silly.

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