Alan over at The Assembling of the Church has tagged me for this post. I’m suppose tell you what was happening in my life 10/20/30 years ago. The infection mutated for Dan and it did the same for me. I only have to tell you what was happening in my life 5/10/15 years ago… since I was barely alive or not alive for 20 and 30 years ago.

All of these dates are pre-salvation, so you get to hear all the juicy stuff about me… so here it goes.

5 years ago – October 2002
I was 22 years old. I was in school at University of Southern Maine for my Computer Science degree. I was working as a Systems Administrator at GWI (an ISP in Maine). I lived with my friend Paul on 302 West St. in Biddeford. Biddeford is right next to Saco, where I grew up. I only had a few close friends (that’s how I role)… we usually hung out, went to bars, picked up chicks, played poker, played Playstation, got drunk, went to the beach, etc.

10 years ago – October 1987
I was 17 years old. I was attending Thornton Academy High School, I was an average student. A lot of online activity, chatting, porn, MUDs, etc. I was doing plenty of shop lifting too. Involved in laundering money from the grocery store I worked for… until we were ratted out by a friend. Always trying to think up bigger and better scams. Also was involved in building some small scale bombs and napalm – just for fun, nothing too devious. Did a little bit of research into picking locks and stuff – actually still comes in handy today. Dabbled in a tiny bit of hacking and phreaking, mostly phreaking. I had already started doing a little bit of drinking by this age.

15 years ago – October 1982
I was 12 years old. I don’t really remember much about being 12 years old. I guess I spent most of my time playing video games and hanging out with friends. A lot more “innocent” back then.

Man, I just realized I’m probably going to get a lot of weird hits after this post. By the way, most the adults who knew me would say that I was a good kid.

I’ve been quarantined so I’m not going to “infect” anyone else.