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I found this in a church bulletin:

Request from the Deacons

In reverence to God and respect for others, please do not get up during the sermon (unless there is an emergency). Parents – please take your children to the restroom before the worship time or, if needed, during the offertory. Also, please turn off all beepers, cell phones, and wristwatches. Thank you!

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  1. Sorry, but I would leave the building upon reading the bulletin. Any church that has such a distorted view of “reverence” needs to shut down and shipped off to Siberia. I cannot tolerate anti-child churches. Sorry.

    I understand that we should all try to behave appropriately, and maybe they have ongoing problems, but this is NOT the kind of thing one should throw at visitors as soon as they walk in the door. Cell fones and beepers can be frustrating, but they’re a part of modern life, and churches need to be realistic.


  2. Hello Bernard,

    Thanks for the comment. I think the including “wristwatches” was the thing that made me laugh the most… but yeah, it is frustrating to see people who have such a skewed view of reverence… family… and church.

    God’s Glory,

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