Question of the Week – #19

In the Old Testament (read Judges & 1 Samuel) the Jews cried out because they wanted a leader, like all the other surrounding nations. God gave them what they wanted, but he wanted to be their leader all along.

How does this theme work in today’s world? Especially with American Christians and even Church Governments.

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  1. I at least hope that for most Christians, their desire is for God to be their SUPREME leader, but they also realize that the way things work, we have to have leaders of some sort here on Earth. So, with that in mind, I think that most Christians (or at least I hope) desire a leader who loves God and puts Him first just like they do.

  2. Lew,

    Like most Christians today the Jews weren’t prepared to accept the personal responsibility of following their Leader,they wanted someone to stand between them and the Leader.

    Christians still have the same Leader, who became incarnate, and showed Himself as Leader/Shepherd/Advocate,providing us His inspired word, but still lok for a leader who stand between Him and us.

    There really is nothing new under the sun!

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