Woody… the special one

One of our Beagles, Woody, is a little special. I always thought he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Ever since he was a wee one he just acted a little weirder than our other beagle, Gus. He’s always ran kinda weird… kinda like a horse galloping, but add a little “fairy” to it. Lately he’s even been having a hard time just standing up. It seems like he keeps losing his balance with his back legs. So, being the bad parents that we are, we waited until this past Friday to bring him to the vet. They said that there is nothing wrong with this legs or hips, which is good. However, they did an x-ray and found a piece of metal in his stomach. The doctor thought it might be a hunk of lead and that he might be suffering from lead poisoning. We brought him back on Saturday morning for another x-ray, to see if the metal object had moved – it hadn’t. So, tomorrow, Woody is going in for surgery to have the metal removed. We are also waiting for blood test results to see what his lead-levels are (if it is in fact lead poisoning). So they’ll do another x-ray tomorrow and if the metal hasn’t passed then they will proceed with surgery.

In a way, we are hoping that it is lead poisoning, if not, then it is a neurological issue. I’m not sure what we could/would do if it was neurological. He’s going to be 2 years old this December, so he’s still a pretty young dog and otherwise healthy.

Our pets mean alot to us, so if you’d pray, we’d appreciate it.


  1. ~Heather says

    Awwww … poor little guy! Let us know how it goes and what you find out!