Us vs. Jesus

Today is much different than 2000 years ago. Everything is different: culture, society, technology, science, politics, and more. All of these changes combined with time and the evolution of tradition have made us change the way we think about evangelism, the gospel, and even Christ. Today I would like to compile of list of how we do things versus how Jesus did things.

We hang out with unbelievers when they come to our meetings and programs.
Jesus hung out with unbelievers.

We develop programs to attract the world.
Jesus developed relationships with the world.

We raise funds to build buildings and additions.
Jesus didn’t have a place to lay his head.

We believe that true fellowship with God happens once a week.
Jesus expects true fellowship every day.

We make the gospel attractive.
Jesus made the gospel unattractive.

We create religious systems, doctrines, polity, rules, and more; in the name of being right.
Jesus tore down all those; showing that he was right.

We expect non-followers to act like his followers.
Jesus expected his followers to act like his followers.

We believe that classes equates to discipleship.
Jesus walked with his disciples.

We believe that we cannot perform miraculous things.
Jesus told us that we could perform greater miracles than he did.

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  1. Thanks Lew, this post definitely forced me to check my motivation as a follower of Christ.

  2. Jason

    Thanks for the encouragement. I was talking to one of my co-workers today (a non-believer) and was telling him that a lot of my motivation in blogging is to try to get other believers to think outside of the box a bit.


    During my lunch today with the co-worker (mentioned above) I admitted to him that I’m probably not a very good Christian. I don’t evangelize like I probably should, I don’t do any of that street ministry stuff like Kirk Cameron… and generally don’t “convert” people. However, during lunch I was able to talk to him about my belief in Jesus, my conversion, my past before Jesus, and what I’m all about now. It was very comfortable, non-confrontational, etc. By the way, this is the same co-worker who I told not to apologize for swearing in front of me (I wrote about this recently in a post called censorship).

    So I guess the short answer is, I am breaking free from these things by just not doing them and trying to recognize when I do.

    It may not be the best answer… but it’s what I’m working with :).

    Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it!

    God’s Glory,

  3. I’m trying to re-read the gospels as I’m starting to see that Jesus is very different from what I’ve learned through church…Great post!

  4. Brandon

    Thanks… I’ve heard a quote in the past that said when a Catholic picks up their bibles they cease to be Catholic. I wonder what happens to Southern Baptists :).

    God’s Glory,

  5. HA! I’ve got about 5 different funny (but sarcastic) responses to that question, but it’s probably best to keep them to myself. :-) I like that quote though.


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