Contract Pastoring

God might be calling me to become a contract-pastor. It is similar to a vocational-pastor, except I won’t receive an annual salary. I’ll be paid on a contract basis – one hour minimum – billed in fifteen minute increments after first hour. I charge .495$ for traveling more than 20 miles. Some services are offered at a flat rate (such as funerals and weddings).

Since I want to offer the same services a vocational-pastor offers, I had a vocational-pastor send me his job description. These are some of the services that I plan on offering.

Bible Study, Prayer, and Meditation – 75$/hr
Counseling – 75$/hr
Visit the sick – 125$/hr
Train and equip lay-leaders – 100$/hr
Advise Boards and Committees – 100$/hr
Funeral Services – 300$/Event
Wedding Service – 500$/Event
Proclaim the Gospel – 80$/hr
Plan, Coordinate, and Evaluate Sunday morning services – 135$/Event
Preaching – 150$/Event
Moderate Church Meetings – 50$/hr
Plan and Lead Church Ordinances – 100$/Event

These were all things listed in the pastor’s job description. Any additional services can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I trust you will find my rates very reasonable and hope to hear from you very soon.

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  1. Do you accept credit cards? If you pray for me for an hour a week could we set up an automatic withdrawal payment plan? Please don’t meditate on these questions too long. Thanks!


  2. Jeff,

    I do accept credit cards through my PayPal account. You’ve actually made me consider setting up a package deal… buy a months worth of weekly prayers at a discounted rate.

    We’ll discuss details later!

    God’s Glory,

  3. If I become qualified to pray for people too, would you consider sub-contracting out to me? I wouldn’t ask for much, maybe just 10%/client?


  4. Lew,

    I think a combo package would be a good idea. You could also have different size combos – small, medium, large, super-size, mega-size.

    By the way, I also think sub-contracting is a good idea. You could create your own contract pastor pyramid scheme.


  5. Lionel,

    Unfortunately I’m only qualified to be a contract-pastor, not a contract-missionary… another contract-missionary would have to do the training for missionaries. However, I am qualified to disciple people. So I’ve decided to offer discipleship for 1500$/semester. We will meet three hours per week for discipleship (which may be broken up into three, one hour blocks.


    If you subscribe to my discipleship program, you will become certified to be a contract pastor. It only takes a three year commitment (six semesters). This program will equip you with all the tools you need to be a contract pastor.

    God’s Glory,

  6. Alan,

    Yes, the subcontracting pyramid scheme had occurred to me after reading Jeff’s comment. We could also sell WWJD bracelets, The Pursuit Bibles, and Jesus Bobble-Head dolls.

    God’s Glory,

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